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    More Combos (/ugh...)

    So this is my.... 3rd? 4th? 50th? thread looking for a middle name for Lavender. Honestly, I'm getting a bit sick of it and almost ready to give up on Lavender purely for the lack of a middle name. I thought I had hit pay dirt with Lavender Ellen only to realize the unfortunate initials as you all know. So this is it, the end all, be all of Lavender, either the combo gets a middle (or two) or it's put to the way-side which would be unfortunate. I am finding it exceptionally difficult because Lavender is both a flower and a colour, so most noun middles that I love sound silly. Help me save Lavenders place on my top 3!
    Open to suggestions, please feel free to mix and match middles for doubles, mostly would just love some opinions. (No e-names unless it's a double Middle)

    Last name is Zah-car-uck.

    Lavender Ellen Opal
    Lavender Ellen Pearl (This would be a double honour to my grandmother Margeret Ellen)
    Lavender Ellen Lila
    Lavender Lorna Ellen (Honour to both Fiances Grandmother and mine)
    Lavender Ellen Irene (Honour to both my grandmothers, and my middle also)
    Lavender Ellen Mae

    Lavender Alina (Love the flow here and Alina has a pretty meaning according to nameberry!)
    Lavender Wren (Purple bird....?)
    Lavender Lila (Alliteration, yay or nay?)
    Lavender Helen (Would also honour family, Great Grandmother in Fiances family)
    Lavender Nora (Nora is very pretty, not sure about the flow)
    Lavender Reese
    Lavender Irie (Love the meaning of Irie)
    Lavender Lyya (Lie-ah, special meaning to us, but might come across too Kreatif?)
    Lavender Nephele (Too much for one name?)
    Lavender Anne (My great grandmother, but feels a bit filler?)
    Lavender Irene (My middle and my grandmother)
    Lavender Lorna (Fiances Grandmother)
    Lavender Mae (Too filler?)
    Lavender Moira
    Lavender Margaux (To honour my grandmother)
    Lavender Shaye

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    I love Lavender! My favs from your list are Anne and Mae. With such a whimsical first name, I would tone down the middle name.

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    All of your double middle combos are super L or E heavy which is something I don't really care for, but if you don't mind it, then I think any of them will work!

    Lavender Alina: It does have nice flow.

    Lavender Wren: I wouldn't think of it as Purple Bird, but some parents love the way these kinds of names sound together. Ex: Blue Ivy. You could maybe spell it Lavendre and it won't be so color reminiscent?

    Lavender Lila: I love alliteration, as you already know.

    Lavender Helen: Honoring family is always a plus, and Helen is a good Ellen substitute.

    Lavender Nora: I think it flows okay.

    Lavender Reese: Not my favorite.

    Lavender Irie: Very cute!

    Lavender Lyya: I think people would assume you made this one up. Also comes across as someone with a speech impediment trying to say 'liar'.

    Lavender Nephele: I like the way these two names sound together!

    Lavender Anne: Does feel like filler, but Anne sounds really good with Lavender.

    Lavender Irene: A very nice way to tie in yourself and a family member.

    Lavender Lorna: Another alliteration I like.

    Lavender Mae: Very filler.

    Lavender Moira: Interesting.

    Lavender Margaux: I prefer Margeaux or Margo over Margaret any day.

    Lavender Shaye: Shaye always reminds me of shea butter.

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    I think you should definitely keep Ellen, it's beautiful with Lavender and obviously means a lot to you! I quite like Lavender Ellen Irene, it sounds lovely and very vintage (all flowery porcelain cups and lace curtains!!). It's the best of your combos, it's really lovely!

    As for the rest... I like Lavender Irie and Lavender Wren. Lavender Lark would be sweet... a dainty superhero!
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    What's really so bad with LEZ?

    I think a simpler, 1-2 syllable middle, is best with a fanciful first (which is certainly wearable) and a heavier, longer surname-- but that doesn't have to mean plain. Some L options in case you like the alliteration:


    Any family names of interest? Anything <2 syllables with no more than 1 L would be great.

    Fun phonetics:

    Lavender Selby
    Lavender Olwen
    Lavender Fionn
    Lavender Maija
    Lavender Margot
    Lavender Alden
    Lavender Gisele
    Lavender Helene
    Lavender Nerys
    Lavender Janson
    Lavender Brynn
    Lavender Samaire
    Lavender Simone
    Lavender Sylvie
    Lavender Tanis
    Lavender Tirzah
    Lavender Yasmine
    Lavender Florence
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