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    Thoughts on Haley/Haylie/Hayley..

    This is one of my husband's favorite names and despite its popularity I must admit I really like it too. I haven't heard it much around my area in the last several years so maybe we could catch it during a down swing! Anyways, my issue with the name is how to spell it.

    HALEY- this one I love because it's the most straightforward spelling. I've always been a fan of not adding unnecessary letters.
    HAYLEY- this one is charming and "vintage" to me because it brings to mind Hayley Mills (was a big Pollyanna fan as a kid). I also like that it defines the first syllable as having that hard "A" sound.
    HAYLIE- like this one for the same reasons as HAYLEY, and it drops one of the Y's which might be nice. But if this spelling seems "creative" or "trendy" I'd definitely stay away from it.

    I know none of the above spellings are the most popular. That spelling would be Hailey. I usually like to go the route where the spelling is implied, but I really don't love this variation. I feel the "i" forces you to pronounce it HAIL-ee. I know most people will say it this way no matter what, but I like the idea that she could be called HAY-lee as well- just sounds more feminine to me Am I making any sense? If you could, please tell me which spelling you would use. Thanks!

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    I prefer Hayley. It looks the most correct to me, ensures the hay pronunciation, and Haylie just makes me think Haylie Duff. Haley seems incomplete to me and could be pronounced Hail-ey.
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    I think Haley is the best one, like you said its straight forward. People aren't very likely to say "Hallie" with that spelling so I don't think you really have to emphasize it with the extra Y.

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    It sounds like the Hayley spelling would be the best for you, given your views on the various options. Personally I would probably go with the simpler Haley, but you're right that people may pronounce the A differently, and that would get tiring.

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    Hayley is the most common spelling in Britain so everything else looks wrong to me. I'd go with that one

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