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    Rising Star - Part 2

    Use This Dice:

    Part 1:

    (Daughter) tells you that ( 1 of her Friends) was criticizing her and telling her that she would never get the part. Your daughter was pretty hurt by that comment. You tell her that no - one is better than the aspiring actress ( Daughter) and that no-one should pull her down like that. ( Daughter) realizes that you are right and that she has 2 other friends that believe in her. You then hear a knock at the door. You open the door and see ( TD + acting Teacher) at the door. She tells you that the audition has been rescheduled to TOMORROW. You...

    1. Try to keep calm,even though inside you are nervous.
    2. You freak out!
    3. You grab the music sheets out of her hand.
    4. You rush her inside.
    5. You take a second to breath.
    6. You rush her inside.

    (Teacher) calls for (daughter) and they begin to practice. When you have escorted (teacher) out of the house as she has to go, your daughter rushes to her room and begins to practice her audition song and dance routine. The house is very noisy, (husband) is watching a football game and ( other kids) are playing in their rooms. It is 9:00. Everywhere suddenly becomes quiet. You go upstairs to investigate and find that all the kids are... sleeping? You go downstairs and find your husband sleeping on the couch. You smile, kiss him on the cheek and head up to bed.

    The next morning, the constant ringing of your phone wakes you up. You manage a sleepy 'Hello?'. It's (Insert Name) your best friend. You spoke to her yesterday,organizing to meet up with her at the theater. She tells you that the auditions are in 30 minutes. You...

    1. Scream!
    2. Disconnect the phone call and wake (daughter) up
    3. Tell her you'll be their soon then knock the wall behind you ( the wall of (daughter)'s room)
    4. Wake (husband) up
    5. Run to ( daughter)'s Room
    6. Get Dressed

    Best Friend Name: Ellie,Louisa,Mya,Claire (pick one)

    (Daughter) rolls out of bed and rushes to the bathroom. Everyone is up and running around the house. The kids are in the car and your husband is coming down the stairs. You drop your other kids at your sister's and rush off to the audition theater. You see (BF) as you round the corner of the theater. She gestures for (daughter) to get out of the car so that she won't be late. She waves goodbye and runs off into the theater.

    You park your car. As you walk through the car park, Your husband takes you by the arm and dances with you. No-one is in the car park so you go along with it. You smile and hug him. Then you remember the audition. You run to the theater waiting room. An hour later, the girls come out. Some were crying, some were frowning. You searched for (daughter) but she was no-where to be found. Then, she ran out, smiling! She hugged you and said she'd explain everything in the car.

    (daughter) tells you that she got the part! They said her personality was exactly what they wanted! You are so proud of her that you promise her...

    1. You'll get her a new Bike
    2. You'll get her a new handbag
    3. You'll take her to Disneyland
    4. You'll get her a new Laptop
    5. You'll get her an Ipad Mini
    6. You'll get her a new Phone

    Once you get home, you sit down and watch television. You feel relaxed!

    Part 3 - coming soon!

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