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    Stanley Angus flows much better, but I'm not loving it. While I like the idea in theory, I feel it's just too much of an old man name.

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    I really like it! Saying it a few times makes it grow on you. I also really like the nn Gus for Angus.

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    Stanley does have meaning for us, but I don't love it as a first name. It would be middle only. Sorry, Stanley.

    Fergus would have the same problem as Angus with running into Stanley....Do Hugh, Eamonn, Cormac, or Ewan sound better with Stanley?
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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberrytree View Post
    Do Hugh, Eamonn, Cormac, or Ewan sound better with Stanley?
    I think any of these options would be an improvement over Angus as far as nerdiness/flow is concerned . I especially like Hugh Stanley, which gives you different numbers of syllables in each name. My second choice would be Cormac. Each of those has the same Celtic spunk of Angus, but doesn't present you with flow/nerdiness issues. Ewan and Eamonn, whilst lovely names, sound more try-hard to me.

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    I'm due in August and I've had Angus on my list for years. I think Angus Stanley works but I really like Ewan Stanley, if you want to keep the Stanley. I had originally chosen Aengus Andrew for my baby but I changed it to Aengus Gunn because it had more family connection - Gunn is my husband's clan. Plus it put the people in my life who have told me they wouldn't call him by Aengus in their place, since no one wants to call a child Gunn, no matter the family connection. So I say go for it if you like Angus Stanley. Remember that you're the one who has to yell it out the door at dinnertime and if you love it, you won't care about the 's' sounds blending. Plus, if it makes you feel better, my oldest daughter is named Maeve Fenna and people who only hear it and don't see it end up thinking her first name is Mae as the 've' in Maeve blends with the 'F' in Fenna.

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