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    Aha, I see. Heehee, I can't stop finding Federico and Thais amusing... not that I'm one to talk, but still.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Interesting to see the juxtaposition of those lists within your family!

    My favorite names are below, in my signature, but my husband and I will likely end up with an Adeline and an Oliver, were we to have one boy, one girl.

    My sister's favorite names include: Lydia, Nina, Mila (pron. MY-la), and Charlotte. Not sure about her picks for boys.

    Most of my cousins who have recently had children picked classic, nice, but sort of plain (in my opinion only!) names: Sam, Benjamin, Jillian.

    My husband's side of the family is largely Orthodox Jewish, so names there include: Esther, Tuvia, Elisheva, Moshe, Ariyeh, Yisrael, Yair, Menachem, Dov, Rina, Ayelet, and Tova.

    I really only have one set of relatives on my side that picked unique names for their children, who are all now in their twenties: Chloe (unique at the time, at least; her middle name is Electra), Naomi (also more unique then?), Arlo, and Ezekiel.

    Adeline Daisy, born August 4, 2013

    Silas Winslow, born August 15, 2016

    Current Favorites

    Annabel, Cecily, Clara, Clementine, Cressida, Flora, Georgiana, Gemma, Hyacinth, Imogen, Juliet, Matilda, Ophelia, Persephone, Tamsin, Theodora, Verona

    Alastair, Asher, Callum, Damien, Dorian, Felix, Florian, Gavin, Hallam, Inigo, Lionel, Marius, Nigel, Noel, Raphael, Sebastian

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    My family is all over the place as well.

    Me: Isaac, Marcus, Lilith and Milena. Maybe a Teagan but it would be stretch.

    My brother: Leopold, Augustus and Justinius

    My sister: Devynn, Tylyr, Shaine (all girls) and Matthew and Ford (boys)

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    I would say most of my family members in my generation like the more common, trendy names like Mason, Riley and Mitchell. Or creatively spelled names (which I will not disclose here). Though I do see one of my cousins on my dad's side being more creative and out there with her choices. I could see her using names like Djuna or Tadeo etc

    My brother has mentioned he likes the name Mara, but he's pretty closed up about what names he likes. Its hard to get anything out of him.

    Me? I don't have a particular style, my taste runs from underused classics to international names for e.g Saskia, Petra, Rosalind etc

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    My brother likes classic Biblical (not New Testament) boy's names: Jonathan, Benjamin, etc. He was slightly amused/fake-peeved that my husband has one of the boy's names he's planned to use since he was small. He doesn't support going too far afield of the Bible, especially for boy's names, and he has made fun of me for going "too Anglo" for contemplating Henry.

    My sister likes elaborate, old-fashioned, eclectic names: Her intended sibset at this times is:
    Lucinda Ruth, Raphaela Irene, Penelope Therese / Ezekiel Hamish, Tobias Naphtali, and Alaric Zadkiel.

    You may inspire me to make a spin-off where I ask what you do when you like someone else's sibset more than any list you have?! lol My sister's style is MUCH more cohesive than mine.

    I think my sister's taste is pretty great and a lot more consistent than my own, which is sort of all over the map.

    My cousins so far have chosen consistently conventional names for their kids but I don't want to list them together for privacy reasons. None are really bad but many are not what I would choose - I can only imagine the firestorm of drama if I DID steal their names though so it's all to the good we have different styles.

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