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    Sarah is timeless. You can mod it up with the nickname Sadie or go retro with the nickname Sally, and that's really wonderful with a name. It has so much potential.

    I know about 10 Sarahs between the ages of 45 and 5.
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    I know at least 3 Sara/h's under the age of 15.

    It's a classic. I can't see it ever being outdated. It's too simple and straightforward and old.
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    I don't see it as being something not usable, and I wouldn't call it dated because it's a 'classic'....but I would consider it extremely common, plain, and boring. In my class of 63 there were three girls with the name, and they all hated that the had to be 'Sara H' or 'blonde Sarah' so that's my association with it.
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    Sarah is a beautiful classic. One of DS's little friends from playgroup is a baby Sara (our playgroup is full of great baby names, though). A girl I went to middle school with named her baby Sara as well- I think she's 2 or 3 by now. There were also a couple Sarah/Saras at the middle school I used to work at.
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    Sarah is so pretty but I actually know 4 under the age of 18. To me, it's one of those names that's so common that it has lost it's meaning. It's kind of just a filler name to me that I never notice. That being said, I love the history behind it and it has a beautiful sound. I love Seraphina "Sera" and the nicknames Sadie and Sally for Sarah. I'd definitely spell it with the -h because that is the classic spelling, which I'm a sucker for.
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