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    So I've always loved the name India, but my inlaws, who, to say the least, are not cultured and very close-minded. I was talking about my love for the name India and my mother-in-law says, "Well we're white, you're white. Why would you name her India?" UGH. Do you see what I have to put up with?! Anyways, both me and DH like it but the in-laws don't. Our other name is Margaret nn Maggie but we've been getting comments that its a bit boring. We also like Catherine but don't want a Will and Kate (our sons name is Will). Middle name would be Corinne after my mom, unless I can get talked into using it as a first. Other idea was Cora after my mom. What do you berries think? India Corinne, Margaret Corinne, Corrine, or Cora?

    Thanks berries!
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    I think India Corinne is gorgeous!
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    Well, your in-laws are kind of right. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the name India being used by a caucasian person. Maybe you should research it. I'm sure there are other threads dedicated to this on here. I found this one India - Should it be used? and this one maybe, Words you like but are inappropriate for names? For ex: Malaria

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    India isn't my cup of tea. It is a tad controversial imo, and there are some aspects and some negative associations I don't like about the country. It seems to leave me with a bad impression of the name in general.

    I do think Margaret and Corinne are lovely, and I love Cora as a nn for Corinne. I don't think I could chose between those two.

    I think I would do Corinne Margaret, nn Cora.
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    I don't personally care for India as a name. From your list, I think Corrine is the best. If you still love India, how about Indiana or Indigo?
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