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    Giving your daughter your mother's/grandmother's maiden name is, to me, the Southern-est of Southern naming practices. You can most certainly venture further off into other branches of your family tree also.

    Unfortunately this isn't a workable solution for everyone (I doubt we're going to be seeing people naming their children Pulaski or Berkowitz anytime soon) but that's probably why this practice remains confined to Southerners of British or French extraction.

    I have a soft spot for Reed - it's my mother's maiden name and it would be at the top of my list for a son or a daughter.

    Some of the other heirloom names I knew/encountered/heard growing up were:

    Girls: Adair, Ashton, Britton, Carter, English, Ferron, Hollis, McCall, Merritt, Morgan, Perrin, Yates
    Boys: Baker, Britt, Burke, Butler, Fielder, McCormick, McKay ("Mac" as nn), Pierce, Walker, Whitton (nn "Whit")
    Favorite Names:

    GIRLS: Abigail — Adelaide —Alice — Anna — Averell — Caroline — Clara — Consuelo — Edith —Eleanor — Ellery — Emmeline — Georgiana — Hadley — Holland — Isabel — Judith —Kerr — Lilly — Louisa — Lucienne — Margaret — Maria —Martha —Michaelle — Mireille

    BOYS: Aaron — Andrew — Benjamin —Charles — Christopher —Durand —Everett — Ezra — Henry —James — John — Leith —Reed — William —Wright

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    I love the vibe your going for!

    Here are some suggestions:
    Harper -
    Harper & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Harper
    Harper Kate
    Harper Juliet
    Harper Mae

    Waverley -
    Waverley & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Waverley...
    Waverley Matilda
    Waverley Scarlett
    Waverley Anne

    Chase -
    Chase & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Chase..
    Chase Rebekah
    Chase Olivia
    Chase Louisa

    Liv -
    Liv & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Liv...
    Liv Adele
    Liv Savannah
    Liv Charlotte

    Paisley -
    Paisley & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Paisley...
    Paisley Eliza
    Paisley Madeleine
    Paisley Cara

    Juno -
    Juno & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Juno...
    Juno Emily
    Juno Roselle
    Juno Susannah

    Willa -
    Willa & Rowan Jane
    Middle names for Willa...
    Willa Tasmin
    Willa Katherine
    Willa Elizabeth

    Hope my attempted of capturing the vibe has helped x

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