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    Southern Aristocrat Names

    I am from the South, and I have always been slightly obsessed with all things Southern. And I'm not talking Larry the Cable Guy or anything from the "modern" South. I'm talking Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, live oaks, Mark Twain, balmy Southern nights, fireflies, sweet tea... I love Rowan's name for so many reasons, but one of them is because my 88 year old Southern aristocratic grandmother, with her lilting Charleston SC accent, approved of it and said it was a perfect name for "a strong, Southern lady." So, what are some more names that give you that image? I'm looking for more surname-y type names, so no Charlotte's or Josephine's. Help berries!
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    Here are some names I found when researching plantation owners. I'm not sure if you'll like them, but I think they're beautiful. And I'm also a proud southerner. I know these aren't very surname-y, but they are names of prominent southern ladies.

    Euphemie: Wife of Charles Alexandre Grevemberg.

    Cornelia: Daughter of John Hampden Randolph and Emily Jane Liddell.

    Nanine: Full name- Anne Guillemine Nanine Bringier, member of an old and influential French family of Louisiana. Married to Duncan F. Kenner who built Ashland-Belle Helene for her.

    Marie Eleonore "Zelia": married Stephen Henderson when she was just 16 years old. Stephen was 30 years her senior. They purchased Destrehan Plantation after Jean Noel’s death.

    Margaret Louisa: Annansdale Plantation was designed and built for her.

    Varina: Second wife of the politician Jefferson Davis, who became president of the Confederate States of America.

    Laminda: Daughter of Thomas M. Green, Jr. and wife of Congressman Thomas Hinds.

    Catherine "Bonny Kate": Wife of John Sevier, who was an American soldier, frontiersman and politician, and one of the founding fathers of the State of Tennessee.

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    Help from your fellow Southerner, and I agree with everything you wrote. I can just picture your grandmother! I LOVED both my grandmothers so much, and they also loved my baby names <3 I love to travel the world, but there's nothing like our Southern roots

    My children are: Grantson Metz (son) and Wellsley Michae (pro. McKay - daughter)- - -fn are Old English surnames with meaning for us, and mn are family names
    You might like the list that went through the duration of both pregnancies-
    With my son- boys- Granger, Gainer, Jessup, Rafferty, Calder, Cagney, Lander, Warren, Riordan, Stewart, Hart, Lev/Leverett, Dax/Daxton
    With my daughter- Wetherly, Cagney, India, Anneliese, Jessup, Adaire, Sutton, Lael, Carina, Fleming, Melina, Corliss, Arden, Brennan, Isabeau, Saskia, Sabina, Carlisle, Windsor, Katriel, Keturah, Sorrel
    Tossed around mostly for mn- Hemingway, Maverick, Rhett, Preston, Garrison, Hawthorne
    girls- Mariana, Margo, Fallon, Louisa

    Other names that have that flair- Landry, Mabry, Carter, Sullivan, Bembry, Gentry, Annaleah, Lennox, Daughtry, Lorelei, Liore/Liora, Linnea, Mae, Jensen, Jennings, Jarrett, Dallas, Brinson, Lark/Larken, Eden, Maura/Mara, Maren, Lachlan, Locke, Law, Rhodes, Reece, Greer, Grayson/Gracin, Larson/Larsen, Bellamy, Bethany, Bethan, Worth, Hollis (great with Rowan IMO), Anton, Sheldon, Jasper, Rex, Halstead, Jessamy/Jessamin/Jesse, Dagan/Hagan, Turner, Porter, Pierce, Spears, Chancellor, Chance, Chase, Rowe, Ridge, Beau, Kendrick, Merrick, Garrick, Kendall, Wallace, Walter, Hays, Glover, Palmer, Bryant, Hugh, Ivy/Ivah, Ada/Adah, Quinn, Sorrel, Sadler, Bridger, Parker, Ellery, Ellis, Stetson, Ragan, Bennett

    Names from our 1807-1907 county record books and my family Bible-
    boys- Buchan/Buck, Guedron, Josiah, Adams, Evans, Walsh, Jefferson, Emory, Ned, Ambrose, Chauncey, Lowell, Wilton, Jonas, Abner, Wilder, Crawford, Abram, Lawson, Clark, Giles, Merritt, Davis, Boyd, Foster, Houston, Jules, Tobias, Webster, Benton, Henderson, Archer, Alden, Leland, Butler, Carleton, Ashby, Zeke, Hampton, Major
    girls- Maude, Nellie, Maridley, Civility, Verona, Vera, Aurie, Vina, Freda, Georgina, Georgiana, Clarice, Essa, Eugenia, Jewel, Opal, Lura, Loretta, Madge, Bess, Seaton, Johanna, Callaway, Augusta


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    I have an affection for the same things....

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    I think of Cordelia, Iris, Georgia, and Ruby.
    Mother to William Joseph with baby Iris Corinne due at the end of March

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