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    I like Vida and then Nemera. Agree with Blade about Kenzie.
    Good luck.
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    I love Nemera's subtle connection to your sons name. I think leopard is a great meaning: strong, fast, luxurious. Good choice! I like it a lot better than Kenzie.
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    Nemera sounds very ethnic to me, like it would be on a child of Middle Eastern descent. It's just one of those cultural names that would look funny on someone not of that culture.

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    Hmm. I like Vida the best! Very distinctive, yet still fun and lively. I don't love Nemera...and Kenzie is really just not my fave, it seems sort of unoriginal...

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    blade - I'm afraid not. I love Leo- names for boys though.

    Kala_way - I like Nova, but I'm half Swedish and grew up there, and in Sweden nova is very trendy and popular so I don't want to use it.
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