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    First time post, long time follower! My wife and I are having a baby girl due in June. My wife is Colombian and I am your all American mutt. We haven't really decided on a name yet and it is maddening! We want her name to be easy to pronounce in Spanish and English so our families can say her name. Her last name will be Meyer. My wife ONLY wants her name to be Siena, or Sienna. My favorite is Nola, but I am willing to work with other names too. My wife...not so much. So I'm gonna right down some names and hopefully we can get some feed back on what you all think. Thanks ahead of time!

    Nola Siena Meyer
    Siena Nola Meyer
    Domenica Siena Meyer
    Rocio Nola Meyer
    Siena Clementine Meyer
    Nola Madison Meyer
    Rosario Nola Meyer
    Rosario Siena Meyer
    Nola Rosario Meyer
    Nola Sofia Meyer
    Nola June Meyer
    Siena Madison Meyer
    Madison Siena Meyer
    Siena Domenica Meyer

    Hope you guys will hook it up with some replies! Please be honest and if you have to let us it gently please!

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    Sorry but mixing Nola and Siena doesn't work very well because they both end with an "a" - and in my experience these names don't go well in a combo together. My favourites from your list are Rocio Nola, Nola Clementine, Rosario Nola/Siena, Madison Siena. Maybe have a look around for some english/spanish names to put to your wife; instead of Nola you could be looking at Noelle / Noella, and instead of Siena maybe Sierra / Sienne? Good luck!
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    I know a Columbian girl with the gorgeous name of Ana Luz so I would go with Anna Luz because everyone will be able to say it and appreciate it. I think it is a really beautiful name.

    I heard a 2 year old girl named Sienna say that her name was Sinner, so that was it for me, struck off my list immediately.

    If you like Noelle I think the combo of Anna Noelle is pretty.

    I think you can get nicer names than Sienna and Nola (no offense). If I met a Colombian girl I would expect her name to sound exotic (as Ana Luz does).

    For example

    If you are musical then Allegra is a gorgeous choice, combo of Allegra Paloma
    Rosa Victoria
    Lola Juliet
    Ysabel Ruby
    Susanna Maria
    Annabel Graciela
    Lila Mariposa
    Nina Beatriz/x
    Louisa Beatrix
    Violet Ventura
    Ramona Pilar
    Arabella Juliet

    What do you think of these combos?


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    Siena Nola sounds great, imo.

    I like Sienna Noelle as well. There's also Sierra.

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    Nola Rosario Meyer is my favorite! Sienna is too trendy for my taste. I hope it works out for you and your wife!
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