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    Roge. Have you ever heard of this name? And for a girl!

    Met a woman named Roge said the same way as you say Roger minus the 'er'.

    What do you think of it? Is it an option and for a girl?

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    I don't really like it becasue it doesn't sound very feminine to me.

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    It doesn't sound very feminine at all, and I wasn't sure how to pronounce it just reading it. I wanted to say "Rogue" or "Roge" like rage, but with a long "o" sound. If you like the sound, I'd recommend the nickname Roz a nickname for Rosalind or the like.
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    I would have pronounced it with the long O sound to. I don't like it because it reminds me of an antagonist named Rorge in a Song of Ice and Fire novels (Game of Thrones).
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    I definitely wouldn't have known how to say it. If you like that sound, I would spell if Rodge, and it looks entirely masculine to me.

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