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Thread: January?

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    I really like the name January... and don't really agree that a girl would have to be a knockout to pull off the name. January Jones is probably the only reason people have that impression. Personally, I think January could be a teenage girl fronting a punk garage band, or a gentle-natured young woman checking out Jane Austen books from the local library, or an adult applying for a loan to start her own business. It's quite a versatile name to me, and I don't necessarily think 'pristine icy beauty' when I think of the name January.

    An alternative would be the french version: Janvier. It has a wonderfully lolling melodic sound. (I suck at 'soundifying' a name, but the best I can explain it is jahn-vee-yay.)

    Too bad your husband doesn't like January Elizabeth Emerald. It's lovely! As would be the initials: JEE! Baby Jee! That's just cute!

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot to suggest some middle names! Here goes!

    January Caroline
    January Jasmine (JJ?)
    January Lilia
    January Kerris
    January Lucinda
    January Vienne
    January Miranda
    January Juniper (I love this combo!)
    January Francine
    January Lavinia

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    I can't help it, but every time I see this thread The Avett Brother's song January Wedding pops into my head. It's a really sweet song, and the last verse is so beautiful:

    No longer does it matter what circumstances we were born in. She knows which birds are singin', and the names of the trees where they're performin' in the mornin. And in January we're gettin' married. Come January let's get married.

    His wife isn't named January, but I imagine she is whenever I hear this song.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    I know! Ughhhh I love it! My husband will look at me like I just suggested we name our baby Dumpster Ponytail Shrubbery. I can already see it.
    I laughed so hard reading this. I get same look from my DH!

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