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Thread: Drew

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    I love the nn Drew but really don't like the name Andrew.

    I have considered Drew on it's own but it just goes against my naming style and I can't do it.

    I came across an old Scottish name Kendrew, we have Scottish roots so I was checking Scottish baby name sites.

    Is Kendrew odd? Can you imagine it as a full name for Drew?

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    Honestly I think it's kind of cool. My own naming style would be to use Drew on its own, but Kendrew is totally unexpected and pretty cool, in my opinion. Easily spelled and pronounced, kind of catchy. Be prepared for him to get called Ken or Kenny at times, though. Nothing wrong with that, but be sure that you are okay with the possibility before using the name.

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    It's slightly odd, and you may get some looks, but I don't see anything wrong with it. You might just have to explain the Scottish roots. It's a great alternative, and as pp mentioned -- easily spelled (maybe -- you never know how some people will spell the most obvious things if it's not familiar) and definitely easily pronounced. Although I do love the name Andrew.

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    I'm with you entirely. Love Drew not so much Andrew, but don't giving nicknames on their own. Kendrew is familar sounding, easily spelt, gives you the nickname you love and is IMO really really cool. (I'm adding it to my list!)
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    nelliedellie, glad you like it enough to add it to your list, that's a good sign

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