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    Lulabelle: is it too....something?

    What are our thoughts on Lulabelle? And yes, I realized since my girl name plans began at "Andrew" (no longer a contender) I am really running the gamut but here is my thinking:

    -I'm basically trying to get to Lulu (and my interest in Eloise has waned)
    -Lulu was my great grandmother's name but she hated it so pronounced it "Lula" all her life
    -I can't just go with Lula because daddy's last name begins with a "la" sound
    -Yes, I know that's alliterative and I like that

    -It's...I don't know... country?
    -My issue with Lulu on its own is it doesn't have enough gravitas for an adult & Lulabelle hardly has more
    -My cat's name is Annabel (i.e. a bad sibset, even though one sib has fur)
    -I hate all names that end with "bella" and I worry people will accidentally call her Lulabella because of the -ella epidemic
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