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    They're fine but a little generic. Haines is the most interesting but if you already have 2 H surnames it might be overkill. Ables is a little too allegorical for the hero.

    Owen is a more interesting name than Chris, so if you choose Chris you need to have a more distinctive surname. With Owen you can get away with something like Graham (though I wouldn't use a first name as a surname as it can confuse your readers).

    It seems like you're gravitating towards Irish/Anglo-Saxon names and that's the ethnicity you'd like your character to have. Ideas:

    Chris Brannock
    Chris Jeffries
    Chris Marshton
    Chris Abbott
    Owen Trask
    Owen Durand
    Chris Eads
    Chris Gardiner
    Chris Ivers
    Chris Lowell
    Owen Millhouse
    Chris Norwood
    Blade, MD

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