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    Question Doubts about Oren....

    I've working on my Modern Apocalypse story again today....been working on it alot lately, and I've written a few chapters featuring one of my main male characters. He's a tough bird to nail down because there are so many layers to him. Since I first begun this story, his name has been Oren Kodiak. I came up with Oren because I love the meaning. And, Kodiak fit well with Oren. It had a nice flow to it. Now, I'm starting to have doubts. Oren is a very uncommon first name, Kodiak is a very uncommon last have them together might be abit much.

    At this stage I'm not entirely sure I want to change Oren. I'm thinking maybe it would work better with a more common surname. I'd love some thoughts and suggestions on changing his last name.

    I'll tell you abit about this character so you all can get a better feeling if I go with a complete name chage.

    He is 30 years old, very tall with a slim build. He is what I would call a gentle giant, but he's not well-kept. He has long hair and a full beard. He often wears toques or hooded sweatshirts with the hood up. He smokes too much, drinks often. He's quiet and very protective of those he cares about and that is a very short list. His daughter Cassidy is his life now that his wife, Penny is dead. At the beginning of the story he is on the edge of a bridge totally with the intention of jumping. A few weeks before the story begins, his wife was in a car accident and she was injured bad. And after taking her off life support he's not sure he wants to go on even though he has Cassidy to think about. He's doubting his ability to be a father without Penny.

    Other name I'm feeling for this character is Christopher (nn. Chris).
    Chris Peale
    Chris Keats
    Chris Neil

    Which do you prefer?

    And, if anyone has any suggestions away from Oren and Christopher, I'd love to hear them. And, if you want to toss a last name in the mix, I'd love to hear them also.

    One more thing. These names are already in use for this story....just so nobody suggests them.
    James "Jimmy"
    Raymond "Ray"
    Have a Nice Day

    I don't have any children, but I write like crazy and am always looking for names for characters. I think I'm a half decent story teller, a mediocre writer, but horrible at picking names.

    Favorites: Ainsley, Everly, Shay, Bryce, Michaela, Bree, Susannah, Jensen, Damien, Anson, James, Dalton, Sawyer, Alaric

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