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    a fortuneteller?

    I'm working on a story set in a circus during post World War II England and having trouble creating the resident fortuneteller...She's (probably) Cockney, the other circus performers don't know much about her but she does tarot readings and the like for the audience members on the side. It's been suggested she's really Death in disguise but it's never more than suggested (or proven). I haven't decided if she's very blunt about giving them bad news, mystical and solemn, cheeky or what she's really like yet. Having a name for her would be a start.

    Names I've considered:

    Penny (either to be short for either Persephone or Pentacle)
    the current favorite, Sybil Fortune (to be pronounced, "for-TUNE" but are Sybil and Basil too similar? Basil is the name of another character).
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    Medulla is an anatomical term meaning a structure in the center of (the adrenal medulla, the medulla oblongata, etc)

    None of these scream Cockney to me, except Penny. And anything with the word 'Fortune' attached (unless it's supposed to be her stage name) is cheesy; Sybil & Cassandra are a bit hokey too (and Sybil has already been staked out by Harry Potter).

    I like your idea of an innocuous, plausible Cockney nn which really stands for something ancient, ominous and related to death/justice. If you look up the mythological personae, you'll see what I mean.

    Effie (Iphigenia)
    Sophie (Sophronie)
    Athy (Athanasia)
    Thena (Parthenope)
    Miss T (Themis)
    Angie (Angerona)
    Posey (Atropos)
    Lovey (Loviatar)
    Morrie (Morrigan)
    Callie (Kali)
    Blade, MD

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    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

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    Ha, I was actually thinking that too! When I read Medulla the first thing I thought about was the medulla oblongata. I think it'd be best to not use that one. I have a special sweet spot for the name Ophelia, and I think Ophelia-Marie sounds great. I don't think Lola would give off the vibe you're probably wanting to relay though. I do like Penny short for Persephone. Mostly because I enjoy the story behind the name.
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    I'm well aware of the connotations behind's a long running joke between friends here. I like the thought of it as a character's name because it sounded high-class, like Miranda or Medusa but really was something ridiculous. But perhaps too ridiculous?

    And Blade, yes, it's supposed to be her stage name, hence the also ridiculous Sybil Fortune suggestion.

    I'm still fond of Ophelia-Marie (especially since it means "help") and Sybil but I LOVE the suggestion of Morrie (Morrigan). Themis/Miss T is also an interesting choice.
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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