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    Nicknames for Rosalie other than Rosie

    I've fallen so in love with Rosalie. Or rather its an old love that i've come back to. Only thing is that i'm not nuts about the nn Rosie I don't dislike it, so if she decides to use it or someone calls her Rosie then it won't bother me, it just leaves me a bit cold, probably because i've known trillions of Rosies. I'd be happy to just call her Rosalie but we call my daughter Juni (fn Juniper) and we're a nickname kind of family! I just want something a bit different. I've got some ideas but i'd like to hear your thoughts first...

    Thanks in advance Berries!
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    I adore the name Rosalie!

    Some nn options:
    Rosa - I think this is very pretty and works on an adult better than Rosie

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    I know a Rosalie nn Sally. I'm not particularly fond of Sally, but it certainly works. I quite love Rosalie with the nn Posy, Sosie, or Allie/Ally, personally. I suppose you could even get to Lela/Leila/Lila/Leela (all said LEE-lah--it seems like most assume "lee-lah" could be spelled any of these ways, but I'm partial to Lela for the sound). I think Juni and Posy or Juni and Sosie would be adorable.

    Good luck!
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    I'd call a Rosalie Rosa, Posie, Lia, or Lila pronounced [lee-luh] as ashthedreamer stated above.
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