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Thread: Common Names

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    Common Names

    I hope I don't offend anyone with this thread, but I really don't understand why people would use the commonest of names. I always loved unique/rare/exotic names, I believe it gives a child some kind of individuality. Unless you promised you relative or you want to honor them or something like that.. would you give your child a common/popular name? If yes, does it actually bother you that it's common, but you like it so much you don't want to give it up? Or are you one of these people who believe exotic names are an option for strange people and a child with an exotic name will suffer?

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    Have you ever read Pride and Prejudice?
    In it, Charlotte Lucas makes a choice that completely baffles Elizabeth and her reasoning is completely practical. She looks at her personality and her prospects and makes the most logical choice she can. She's just not "romantic". Jane reminds Lizzie that not everyone is the same, and not everyone makes decisions for the same reasons.

    I think naming is the same. Not everyone makes naming decisions with a passionate love of names. They just want something practical and uncomplicated. Unique names just don't interest some people, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Additionally, some people would rather have an easy, recognizable name than something they, their family, or friends consider "weird". They think it will be better for their child in the long run. Like wearing a uniform everyday to work rather than choosing a stylish outfit that'll get lots of compliments. Common names are sturdy and easy to wear. They might never be complimented, but they'll never be questioned either and are less likely to be teased.
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    For the most part. No, I wouldn't give my child a common name because I can't bare to think of them as one of three or more in their class/year. Growing up I had an usual name (it's popular in England now though), and I really did love it. However some people who's names aren't their "thing" will stick with what they know, some people are afraid to explore and therefore choose something that they have seen regularly. Also there is the opinion that common names are easy for a child as everyone knows how to pronounce them and spell them, I think sometimes exotic names are a burden on children, one of my childhood friends was Mairead and she was forever telling supply teachers how to pronounce her name. I love the name Caoimhe for example but I couldn't think of saddling a child with it because they would spend their lives explaining it's spelling/pronunciation/origin etc. It's just someone's opinion, and it's okay that you don't agree with it, but try not to be too harsh.
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    kala_way, what a nice example! Yes, I've read Pride and Prejudice, it's one of my favorite books. Thank you for your message.. really makes sense to me now. Yet it's hard to imagine choosing a name that would only be "practical". Well, it's just me, I suppose.

    milliemm, thank you! Sorry, I really didn't mean to offend anyone or to sound harsh and mean. I'm just curious.

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    I wouldn't choose a name because it was common but I wouldn't not choose a name I loved because it happened to be popular. Henry is common but I love it and it happens to be a family name for someone who is incredibly important to me. I think a lot of beautiful names happen to be popular right now. Popular names are generally pleasing to the ear, easy to spell, maybe have a history -and perhaps familial connections for many people, etc., all great reasons that they became popular. Although, I guess I am speaking of popular classic names, less so than popular trendy names. Growing up, no one ever knew how to spell my name and it was frustrating, so I get the appeal of names that are more mainstream. I do LOVE when I find that someone has given their child a beautiful name that I do not have the pleasure of ordinarily seeing in real life on a real person, what a treat. People have different naming priorities. For me, meaning(either the meaning of the name or the connection my husband or I have to the name) trumps popularity concerns. I don't think sharing a name makes anyone less special. Yes, names are worth considering but I don't think I am making my child more or less unique/special by giving him or her a certain name. Hopefully, whatever I endeavor to teach and foster in my children will make them individuals.
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