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    My husband is stuck in the 80s when it comes to names. He suggested names like Ashley, Brittney and the like. Nothing wrong with them other than being dated, but I prefer vintage and/or classic and timeless names. I think you can wear a man down, but if he truly hates it I would let it go (it just isn't fair to try forcing someone to like a name). But I have definitely challenged my husband on WHY he vetoes it. If he thinks it sounds old, I show him the top 500 or so on the SSA list, pointing out all of the "old" names. If he thinks it is too weird, I show him the list again. If he has a bad, but weak, association -- I encourage him to let the name grow on him a while. I also have done the reverse psychology trick. Telling him that I LOVE the name Bertha (or whatever you know he will hate), try to sell him on it for a few days, and then go back to Calla (for example)......suddenly Calla sounds pretty awesome, LOL. I also remind him that he will love the name once our child is wearing it. It has worked for me 2/3 times.......our first 2 daughters ended up with names he initially vetoed but now he LOVES. We compromised on daughter 3, and I still haven't gotten over it. I deeply regret not fighting harder for her name. So fight for me, please! I love Calla. I also think that mother's have a special way of knowing (in their heart) what feels right for their child.

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