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    So glad to know, kitkat! We should form a support group or something. Lol and I completely agree with you, augusta_lee.

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    Also, don't be so sure he will ever pick a name. My husband refused to look at names with me and vetoed everything I liked - now my little girl is six months old and I'm facing a legal name change because we ended up with the wrong name - because in the end he just randomly picked a name off a list "that he didn't hate". Lovely. I refuse to have my daughter named something that random, so I'm changing it once I figure out what her name is SUPPOSED to be!!!

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    Yes this has happened to me in the exact same way with the exact same name. Ha! And many others.

    Agree with Ottilie and others - dudes are not generally name nerds. They'll talk about it - begrudgingly - once you're pregnant.

    My hubs couldn't be less interested, but he doesn't mind if I bring up the subject occasionally because he knows it helps me think positively and visualize the baby, which is important to me as we are TTC and needing medical intervention. (I had surgery yesterday.) So he is understanding but I don't overdo it. Our boys name has been picked out for a while, and if our girls name doesn't change from what we've chosen I'll be happy, but it may be discussed more.

    My husband has shot down my favorite names, but since you're not pregnant you have plenty of time to gently, slowly, acclimate him to your favorites. Without being annoying. If that's possible, since they don't care about names like we do. :-)

    I'm slowly, little by little, in tiny increments, making my husband understand the days of Kimberly and Jennifer are over, and your child will not be seen as an utter freak because she is named Helena. Or Calla. Or Frances. He still thinks Stella is an "old Italian lady with a mustache." Uh, times have changed, buddy. He is 43 and grew up in a small southern city. So... He's got some learning to do about naming.

    Just take it slow, don't be annoying, and don't expect miracles. Remember it's his baby too, and if he hates the name, it's not the name.

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    Hey, hope I don't sound dumb, but what does the D in DH stand for? I know the H means husband I can't figure out what the d is....
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    Quote Originally Posted by erykah200 View Post
    Hey, hope I don't sound dumb, but what does the D in DH stand for? I know the H means husband I can't figure out what the d is....
    I think it's 'dear'. I've never understood it myself, lol.

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