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    Quote Originally Posted by balloonsforellie View Post
    It really annoys me that he is always vetoing my names, but he doesn't make any suggestions.
    I personally find that unacceptable. I've heard it happen over and over, but if I were in that situation I would not accept it. I would ask that equal rated lists were made and then each name removed from a list be accompanied by the removal of a similarly rated name from the other list and that no name be removed with an explanation and/or discussion.
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    I don't know, for me a name isn't perfect unless my partner loves it too. I've grown to love Annora and Walter so much more because he loves them, and he's grown to love Juliet and Edmund because I love them. Hopefully that might happen for you guys too

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    So many great suggestions! You're right, cygnus. He doesn't like the names that are unfamiliar. And I really like your method, linazilla!

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    I am in this EXACT situation. Absolutely in love with the name gemma and think about it all the time. Will be ttc soon so already thinking of ways to get him on board but I honestly don't think it will happen. And I do think it b/c its unfamiliar (to him) b/c he said it sounds "made up" -which as we all know is ridiculous. For now I said until he cracks a baby name book and offers some sugeestions himself, I get full naming rites (half kidding of course ...and half not). When it comes time to sign the birth certificate can I just hit him over the head with a frying pan and sign it myself? Thanks for asking this question because you are not alone!
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    I'll probably get flack for this, but I'm of the opinion that the partner gestating and birthing the child gets final say in their name. This goes double if the other partner only vetoes names without giving any serious suggestions. That said, if your partner absolutely totally and completely HATES the name you chose and would rather name the kid Burger King than, say, Calla, then you should probably move on. If it's just knee-jerk negativity, however...he needs to get over it.
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