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    Start suggesting names he REALLY won't go for, like ridiculous names (but not too obvious). Then when you bring up Calla again, it will sound totally normal to him! Also it will really help when there's an actual kid I think.

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    In my experience it may take a while for him to get used to a new name. Don't hide the fact that you love the name, but be open to discussing other names with him. I love the idea of suggesting really horrible names! Funny!!

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    I agree with Otter. Most men really aren't into discussing imaginary future children's names, and when they do it's mostly to name the child after a relative (most likely Actually, I think having a in-depth discussion with any non-name nerd might be hard. I'd make my list of favorites and when you are pregnant he'll be more likely to truly consider names. (If he is still reluctant you could try incentivising him by offering up favorite desserts or buying your son a mini-jersey from his favorite sports team - I suggest making it something you'd do anyway but he feels you might not want to. .)

    That said. If you really love Calla and he currently doesn't you could try familiarizing him with it. Casually bring it up over a period of time. Some people really need a longer period of time to fall in love with something (my mother is one of these people she needs at least 3 months to decide she loves the new blouse she bought - imagine how long it would take to like a name for a grandchild.) With a name like Calla there are a lot of non fn options for this. Calla lillies, Calloway etc. This might not work, he might not like the name. Period. But he might also just need to be familiarized with it, who knows. It is a little sneaky to do this on purpose and could be construed as manipulative. Therefore it's really is only worth it if it's your absolutely favorite name in the world and you'd be crushed if you didn't get to use it. (However, if your hubby is like my mom then he'll actually thank you in the end. She does, all the time. lol).

    That said if he really hates it, I think you'll just have to give it up.
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    Oh dear, we have dealt with this very thing. Fortunately, by discussing names the past couple of years, his tastes have expanded a great deal. I think at first, names that were unfamiliar to him were instantly off putting to him. After having time to think about them, he has come to LOVE some of the very same ones he hated a couple of years ago. So, I say, give him time to get comfortable with unfamiliar names but ultimately work together to find something you both love when the time comes. Good luck!
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    How about using Calla as a nickname for Caroline or Calista?

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