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    I just found out I'm having a boy, and of course I had a million girl names and none for boys.

    I REALLY need help putting a list together. And these are the things I have to consider when doing so:

    1) My daughter's name is Isabel, a family name that we love. But we had no idea how popular Isabella was and were a little remorseful because a) people always call her the wrong name and b) we might not have chosen it had we known about the popularity of a name so similar. So we're trying to come up with something a little more unique.

    2) In my husband's family, his father, his uncle, and a lot of his male cousins have names that start with A. We aren't completely committed to keeping with that tradition, especially since a lot of the good A names are already taken (Aaron, Anthony, Antonio, Andre, Andrew, etc.) but will consider it if we find the right name.

    3) My husband is of Zambian descent, and I am of Mexican descent. We speak Spanish to our daughter at home, and we'd like a name that sounds good in English and Spanish.

    A couple of names I like are - Malcolm and Arlo.

    I would REALLY love some suggestions if you have any!! Thanks.

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    Arlo is lovely! It would be easily said in Spanish, too, which is a plus (or, if I had a Mexican family, I'd think it'd be a plus!), and Isabel and Arlo is a pretty kick-butt sibset if you ask me.

    My first idea was August--I think Isabel and August are fab together, and August's variations are so international that I'm sure it could translate well into Spanish somehow, and it's familiar yet still uncommon, and you still have a pretty cool "A" name. I think Isabel and Asher would be great, too, although Asher doesn't translate as well into Spanish and it's a bit more on the popular side (not as likely to be confused with Ashton and such, but it is around the top 100 mark, which is where Isabelle/Isabel sits. Of course, it doesn't have an Isabella-look-alike to contend with...).

    A few others:

    Julian (although with the changing "J" sound--I'm guessing this is what you're trying to avoid by sounds good in Spanish/English? Otherwise, I think Isabel and Julian would be pretty stunning!)
    Felix (although, again, the sound changes fairly drastically from English to Spanish)
    Samuel (although it's more on the popular side... nowhere near as rampant as Isabella, though)

    If you're looking to keep to an "A" name, I think Alban, Abbott, Aloysius, and Avery are pretty cool, more obscure "A" names, but I'm not sure how well they'd transfer into Spanish. I think Alban would transfer pretty well, though.

    Good luck!
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    thank you!

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    Isabel is a lovely classic! I love the family connection and I think with your son you need to follow through with the family connection with the letter 'a' it would be sweet if you used the 'a' names, as it's a tradition for your husband. My best friend is Zambian and I know that for the Phiri family (her family) tradition is very important and when I went to Zambia christmas/hanukkah 2011 I discovered that for 'most' black Zambians tradition is very important. So I would keep to the tradition I suspect most his family would love that you keep to it and as would he. I love that your daughter is bilingual and Isabel works perfectly in English and Spanish so hopefully my suggestions below will work for you guys...

    Hope this helped x

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