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Thread: Pets

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    i would advise this......go to your local animal shelter. They are always looking for volenteers to walk their dogs. Go with your daughter and walk a do together. Its something to do when bored and you dont have to own the dog and maybe that way she will not be so pursuasive.

    We had a rabbit and two guinea pigs but the rabbit and one guinea pig died. As far as i am concerned, when the other guinea pig dies, that is it. Although i might be pursauded to get a small dog (i dont do big dogs partly because of my size in comparason to the dog) but i sometimes go with my son and walk the dogs at the shelter and it is great fun!

    hope this helps!

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    I grew up with an English Setter. They're great family dogs, mine was very friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly. I have an amazing association with those dogs. I think to get a puppy and have it grow with your family will help build trust and friendship with the dog. What kind of dog does she want? Big of small? If you're worried about foxes, maybe a bigger dog. Puppies are work, but they are totally worth it. I definitely recommend English Setters.
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    Thanks for all the fantastic advice.

    I'm going to be helping out at my local shelter for a couple of hours every weekend starting this month. Just waiting for a mandatory background check before I can start.

    I think its better for me to start alone, to become used to the animals, before bringing Amelie along with me. Don't want to make her even more nervous than she is.

    I got really upset about this situation last week and confided in my mom. She has been wanting to get a dog for a while now - Her and my dad could use the company now we've all left home. She said that Amelie can pick out the puppy, and name him/her, and he can live at their place. We stop by a minimum 4-5 times a week so it'd have all the advantages of her having a pet without flaring up my anxiety. It'd essentially be "her" dog but he'd live with my parents.

    We're also hoping this will soften the blow of her no longer being the only child, it'll be a distraction. So Amelie is going to pick out a puppy from the shelter at the end of our time there. By that stage, I'll (hopefully) also be used to the dog so seeing him/her at my parents won't be an issue for me.

    Does everyone think this is a good idea? Its honestly the best compromise I can come up with, keeping Amelie happy and my own concerns in check!

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    I think that is a fantastic compromise and idea! Good luke with it
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    i live in a rural area and we have had dogs forever and foxes don't eat dogs trust me, I have lost2 dogs in five years they were killed by cars (my mum does Day care). The foxes attack sheep and chickens but not dogs. Also I have a lovely sheepdog whom I love. She is my best friend. Just think about it, I can't imagine not having a dog or a cat.
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