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Thread: My boys names

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    My boys names

    What does everyone think of these names for boys?
    Madison "matti"
    Campbell "cam"
    Healthcliff ( or just Heath)

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    Sebastian- love this, one of my favourite boy's names! so dashing, handsome and romantic
    Quentin- sorry, sounds a bit stodgy
    Declan- too harsh for my style
    Penn- cool name, but seems a bit insubstantial on its own- maybe short for Prentice?
    Valentine- fresh and unique, but I prefer Valentino with its European flair
    Atticus- really like this. Atticus in TKAM was great and this does have a unique sound, but is getting popular
    Nico- would be a sweet nickname for Nicholas, but too nicknamey on its own
    Hayden- nice, but doesn't stand out
    Madison- I would love to see this on a boy! I do tend to like seeing male-turned-female names returning to boys though
    Zig- sorry, just seems like a sound and not a name
    Shae- same as Zig
    Cain- the name of a not-so-great Biblical character, so you might want to watch out for that
    Tripp- really cool and fresh
    Brice/Bryce- I think I have a thing against the "br" sound in names... and it sounds kind of harsh
    Campbell- spunky and modern
    Apollo- amazing name, but could be hard for an actual person to carry
    Finn- also seems nicknamey- maybe you'd like Finbar?
    Avery- another one that would be refreshing to see on a boy
    Etienne- a very strong name when pronounced the French way... not sure how to "Anglicize" it but can't see it being all too pleasant
    Heathcliff- Wuthering Heights is on my ever-growing to-read list... it seems perfect for a swoon-worthy romantic hero!
    Cody- too nicknamey
    Porter- nice, but doesn't stand out
    Levi- nms
    Oliver- the epitome of British charm for me
    Noel- cute for a boy born near or around Christmas, a bit out of place otherwise
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    I kept the ones I'd like to see you keep


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    This is my random collection of knee jerk responses, be they imagery, comments, or cultural associations:

    Sebastian - I have an ongoing love affair with this name, not in the least because of the Black Butler character ::swoon:: I picture someone from an earlier time, with an enigmatic, aloof exterior concealing tempestuous, unpredictable passions. Artfully messy dark hair and brooding eyes.
    Quentin - I like the sounds of the name, I picture someone bookish with warm brown eyes. I'm not a huge fan of the meaning though, unless it's truly for a fifth child.
    Declan - Another love, probably because I really enjoy his character in's been my first and only experience with the name, so naturally I conjure someone easy-going and rugged, a little troubled but with a huge heart.
    Penn - I don't know that it's usable, it just lends itself to so many teasing opportunities. I went to school with a Penelope who was called Pigpen by the bullies. Penn by itself seems rather the writing utensil? Pennsylvania? Pendragon? ooh...
    Valentine - see Sebastian...Vincent Valentine is a heartthrob!
    Atticus - a noble librarian (trust me, it's a huge compliment...I was a librarian once and am firmly convinced of their fabulousity!)...not unlike Rupert Giles, actually!
    Nico - Most of your shorter more nicknamey names I don't personally care for, but Nico is lovely. I picture a streetwise boy with floppy hair and sharp-edged movements, but a warm, loving heart once you get past his cautious exterior.
    Hayden - "one of these things just doesn't belong here..." I have zero love for this name and I don't know how it came to be listed alongside the likes of Atticus, Sebastian, and Declan. But I will freely admit that part of my distaste stems from the atrocious neighbor boy my brothers befriended when we were growing up...he hated his piano lessons, and I had the misfortune of being his teacher until he punched me in the mouth, the horrid creature.
    Madison "matti" - Madison has become so Hayden, I don't feel it belongs with your other names.
    Zig - ... .... ... "move zig, take off every zig! move zig... FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!" ahem.
    Shae - I've only ever known this to be a girls' name, a nickname for Sherry. Perhaps the Irish spelling, Shea?
    Cain - love it for a bad boy. Like a throwing knife, edgy, sleek, and dangerous.
    Tripp - this is unfortunate...what if he is clumsy? not to mention the drug references.
    Brice/Bryce - elegant and charming...a solid classy choice
    Campbell "cam" - I'd like to say something comes to mind besides the soup label. Alas, nothing.
    Apollo - a riot of golden curls and rippling muscles. A lot to live up to, but such a warm aura.
    Finn - MUCH prefer this to Zig or Tripp. A legitimate short name that packs a lot of spunk into just one syllable.
    Avery - I know a lot of people say this has gone to the girls, but I don't think so. A little Avery would be charming and dimpled.
    Etienne - I had no idea this was a boys' name for the longest time, let alone that it's the French form of Steven! Fresh and surprising, if a bit feminine-looking (Vivienne, Adrienne, etc)
    Healthcliff ( or just Heath) - The horrible abusive, murderous, vengeful creature from Wuthering Heights...or the comic strip cat. Not a little boy.
    Cody - where I am from, this is a country boy name. Not that there's anything wrong with country boys, mind you! It just conjures up hunting dogs, shotguns, camouflage, four-wheel drive trucks, baseball caps and beer.
    Porter - I dig the surname-as-a-first-name trend, but only when they make sense. Surnames like that are generally occupational - Carpenter, Fisher, Miller, etc. So essentially, you're naming your child "Bellhop." Not exactly a huge vote of confidence.
    Levi - aside from the clothing brand (which in the South is synonymous with denim. You don't put on your jeans, you put on your Levis, whether they're made by Old Navy or Gucci), Levi is a great option. He has sort of a rugged spunk, all cowboy flannel and deep blue eyes, friendly deference, and helping hands.
    Oliver - This name is really growing on me. No specific imagery comes to mind, although there is the Oliver Twist association. Just an all around happy name
    Noel - cute and charming, especially for a Christmas baby! Someone with dark hair and olive skin and shining eyes who looks fabulous in rich reds and creams.
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    I love: Sebastian, Valentin (I prefer without the -e), Bryce, Apollo, and Heath/Heathcliff

    I like: Quentin, Atticus, Madison (very refreshing on a boy), Cain, Etienne, Levi, Oliver and Noel

    I find a bit dull: Nico (I'd prefer Nicolas or Niklaus), Campbell, Finn, and Porter

    I dislike: Declan, Penn, Hayden, Shae, Tripp, Zig (I'd love Sigfried nn Zig), Avery, and Cody
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