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Thread: Jacoba?

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    I have been thinking about this name since I started watching actress Cobie Smulders. What are your thoughts about jacoba?

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    I don't like it- I think Jacob is such a popular boys-only name that even with the -a ending, it still looks masculine.
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    I agree with @namelover77, it's way to popular as a boys name. I end up hearing something along the lines of "Jacob, uh, could you set the table?"

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    It's actually pronounced yah-KOH-bah. I think it's intriguing, but I think a lot of people would say it wrong. My first thought was Cobie Smulders, though--I can't really disassociate it from her. I like Josefa/Giuseppina more as feminine variations than Jacoba--and they have a bit of a similar feel/flow. I would love to meet a little Giuseppina!
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    I could deal with it if its more like Jacobi, i.e. I could deal with the hard J (though the ones I've heard have the yah sound) if its at least ja-KOE-bah, but JAKE-oh-buh would grate my nerves to bits in no time at all.

    I like feminizations but Jacoba wouldn't crack my top ten, personally. And I do like some clunky ones. I've heard Jacobina and that's a bit softer but I'd still prefer Benjamina or Wilhelmina. I also like some feminizations that don't end in -a, Simone and Thomasin/Tamsin leap to mind.

    Jacinta, Juanita, and Joaquina all seem a bit more melodious than Jacoba to me, without being as popular as Josephine/Josefina etc. but that could just be me.

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