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    Northwest Baby Names?

    I am 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I want to give this baby a name as unique as my hometown (Seattle).
    Can you help me with some Northwest sounding names?

    Maybe something like River,Rain,Emerald? Too Hippie dippy?

    Your thoughts? Help!

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    Hmm. What are some things you love about Seattle? River, Rain, and Emerald are a bit literal for my taste but work well for some people. Are you looking more to convey a feeling?

    Roscoe and Sylvan both make me think of forests and deer and dew. Sylvan comes with cool guy Sly nn or laid back Van.
    Irving - green water/friend - hip nn Ving built in.

    I'm sure some others who are better at matching names with imagery will chime in. This is @ottilie's realm of expertise
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    Can't help you as I've never been there, but if Sessha comes for a visit to this thread she might have some ideas. All I know about Seattle is that it rains a lot (I've been to Victoria in Canada and that's pretty close so I'm imagining some of the same), and that there's a spaceneedle. However, I am at the moment looking at photos from Washington and Oregon, and it is crazy beautiful.

    Rainier's on my boylist (there's a mt Rainier nearby) and I like Tara's Sylvan and Irving suggestions.
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    I went to school with a girl named Sahalie (S-ah-H-AH-l-ee), after Sahalie Falls in Oregon. I always thought that was really pretty.
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    I spent a lot of time on mt. rainier growing up hiking and picnicking with family. Never thought of Rainier as a name tho. hmm... very interesting.

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