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Thread: Too "Old Lady?"

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    I love Stella. It doesn't sound old to me. I am yet to meet one and I work in a very large public school. I wish my husband would love this name..
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    Stella is an old fashioned name, in an "old is new" kind of way.
    I was teaching grade 1 and my kids LOVED the Stella books, so I do think of that now, since I don't know any Stellas in real life. My grandmother's sister's name was Stella, but I didn't know her so she isn't my first thought.
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    I love it! My grandmother's name was Estella, and I'm hoping to use it if I have a daughter one day.
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    The only Stella I know is a toddler! I think it is a name that has already turned the corner from old fashioned to fresh and new. "Ella" names are very current. I don't think anyone would bat an eye at using Stella for a baby.

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    I have an Aunt Stella in her 70's but I know far more baby Stella's, it seems to be having a revival and very fresh at the moment. Perhaps designer Stella McCartney brought it back into the limelight?

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