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Thread: Too "Old Lady?"

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    Oct 2012

    Too "Old Lady?"

    hi everyone! i have always loved the name stella and we are considering naming our first baby (if it is in fact a girl!) stella. this was my husband's grandmother's name as well so it holds a special meaning for us. our last name is gold. the two names together sound a bit old lady-ish / ethnic to me, but perhaps i am being a little over analytical. please help: what do you think?

    thank you!

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    I don't think it sounds old lady-ish at all! In fact, I think Stella Gold is really pretty. I love the first name Stella, and to me, it sounds the opposite of old lady-ish — it sounds fresh, fun, and creative. I also love the meaning of Stella, which is "star." Gorrrrrgeous. Go for it!

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    No, not at all. If anything, I hear it more on new babies than I ever heard on an older person. Love Stella!

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    Stella seems very young and fresh to me. Not old lady at all!

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    The only Stella I know is someone my grandma's age, and she comes across as quite stuck-up at times, so I do have the old lady association with the name.

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