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    5. G + B - Amelia Ruby and Thomas Oliver

    5. G + B - Sara Lucia and Matthew Diego

    1. B - Luca Felix

    3. B + B - Jack Michael and Adam Sean

    5. G + B - Emma Charlotte and Noah Lucas

    3. B + B - Ethan Alexander and Mason Jacob

    6. G + G + B - Chloe Louise, Lola Manon and Arthur Hugo

    3. B + B - Enes Ahment and Arda Mustafa

    1. B - Matteo Davide

    5. G + B - Sophia Vaso and Georgios Ioannis

    6. G+ G + B - Isla Emily, Sophie Ava and Riley Logan

    3. B + B - Gonçalo Diogo and Rodrigo João

    2. G - Gabriela Raya

    3. B + B - Anis Zied and Walid Mehdi

    1. B - Sebastián Iker

    South Africa
    1. B - Daniel Christopher

    5. G + B - Emelía Eva and Alexander Viktor

    3. B+ B - Cooper James and Jackson Liam

    6. G + G + B - Lily Megan, Ella Seren and Alfie Thomas

    I really enjoyed this little game. I think it's so interesting that many countries have the same names at the top of the popularity ranks.

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    DS/DS: Alfie Thomas and Charlie James
    DD/DD: Alba Sofia and Daniela Martina
    DS: Finn Lukas
    DS/DD: Ryan Conor and Chloe Grace
    DD/DD/DS: Elise Charlotte, Marie Emma, and Mathis Noah
    DD/DD: Abigail Isabella and Olivia Madison
    DD: Zoe Jade
    DS: Arda Furkan
    DS/DS: Matteo Davide and Leonardo Gabriele
    DD: Katerina Eleni
    DS/DD: Logan Alexander and Isla Lucy
    DD: Matilde Carolina
    DS/DS: Nikolay Martin and Viktor Danail
    DS: Zied Mohamed
    DD/DD/DS: Valeria Regina, Camila Valentina, and Sebastian Iker
    DS/DD: Andrew Jordan and Hannah Nicole
    DD/DD/DS: Katrin Emelia, Lilja Elisabet, and Kristofer Mikael
    DS/DS: Cooper Jackson, and Oliver Ethan
    DD: Mia Seren
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    DD/DS: Jack William and Ruby Isabella "Rue"
    DD: Sara María "Sadie"
    DD/DS: Hanna Lea and Finn Luca "Hali"
    DD: Lucy Emma
    DS: Adam Arthur
    DD/DS: Chloe Abigail and Alexander Noah "Coco and Zan"
    DD/DD/DS: Jade Lola, Lilou Emma and Gabriel Enzo "Jay, Lil, and Gabe"
    DD/DS: Azra Nehir and Ahmet Mustafa
    DD/DD/DS: Chiara Giorgia, Aurora Sofia and Matteo Andrea "Aurra and Matt"
    DD/DD: Katerina Eleni and Angeliki Dimitra "Katie and Angel"
    DS: Riley Oliver "Rio"
    DD/DD: Lara Matilde and Ana Carolina
    DD/DD: Simona Viktoria and Raya Nikol "Mona and Ray"
    DD/DS: Mariem Rose and Zied Anis "Miri and Zid"
    DD/DD/DS: Valeria Camila, Ximena Renata and Santiago Sebastian "Ria, Mina and Tiago"
    DD/DS: Christopher Jordan and Megan Monique "Chris and Meg"
    DD/DD/DS: Emelía Rakel, Lilja Maria and Aron Róbert "Em and Lily"
    DS/DS: Xavier Thomas and James Ethan "X and Jame"
    DD: Seren Emily "Ren"
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    England: 4. girl/girl: Amelia Ruby and Olivia Grace (the middle names could be switched, I can't decide which I like better)
    Spain: 5. girl/boy: Daniela Martina and Daniel Matthew (matchy twin names? haha!)
    Germany: 4. girl/girl: Lea Marie and Emma Lina (I actually like Leah Marie haha and no name really fit with Emma so.)
    Ireland: 2. girl: Lucy Ava (I wanted to use Grace but I'm trying not to repeat until I have to)
    Belgium: 5. girl/boy: Julie Louise and Noah Thomas (I only picked Julie because I like Juliette. I'd never use Julie)
    USA: 6. girl/girl/boy: Aiden Daniel, Ava Madison and Chloe Abigail. (Aiden Daniel is actually on my list. I prefer Abigail over Chloe but Abigail Chloe doesn't flow as well)
    France: 2. girl: Lola Jade
    Turkey: 5. girl/boy: I couldn't possibly make a combination out of names I don't know how to pronounce.
    Italy: 5. girl/boy: Riccardo Davide and Aurora Alice. (I don't like when the first and middle name start with the same letter but it's the only way I could get it to flow. Aurora would go by Rory anyway. Rory Alice)
    Greece: 6. girl/girl/boy: Christos Nikolaos, Maria Vaso and Georgia Dimitra (Not really a fan of any of these but since I knew how to pronounce them, I went for it)
    Scotland: 1. boy: Oliver James
    Portugal: 2. girl: Matilde Beatriz
    Bulgaria: 5. girl/boy: Ivan Aleksandar and Viktoria Raya
    Tunisia: 5. girl/boy: Sarah Rose and Ahmed Slim (haha, I almost didn't do this one but then I saw Sarah and cousin is Sarah though so I'd never use it)
    Mexico: 1. boy: Sebastián Diego (I love Sebastian so.)
    South Africa: 6. girl/girl/boy: Emma Nicole, Megan Nadine, and Andrew Jordan (I didn't want to really repeat a first name but Emma Nicole is on my list)
    Iceland: 4. girl/girl: Emelia Rakel and Eva Maria
    Australia: 3. boy/boy: Cooper James and Noah Oliver (I love the name Cooper. Thanks Australia! The other name was hard to choose cause I've already used the ones I liked.)
    Wales: 1. boy: Dylan Thomas

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    England - G/B- Sophie Amelia and Jack Thomas
    Spain - G/G/B-Sara Lucia, Daniela Alba and Nicholas Sebastián
    Germany - G/G- Mia Leoni and Hanna Sofia
    Ireland - G- Lucy Grace
    Belgium - G/B- Julie Louise and Lucas Arthur
    USA - G/G/B- Abigail Chloe, Ava Madison and Alexander Jacob
    France - B/B- Gabriel Lucas and Nathan Louis
    Turkey - G/G- Azra Zeynep and Zehra Yagmur
    Italy - B/B- Matteo Leonardo and Francesco Lorenzo
    Greece - G/G/B- Eleni Katerina, Maria Georgia and Dimitrios Nikolaos
    Scotland - G- Lily Olivia
    Portugal - B- Rodrigo Martim
    Bulgaria - G/B- Viktoria Simona and Kristian Ivan
    Tunisia - G- Rose Mariem
    Mexico - G/G/B- Isabella Regina, Camila Valentina and Alejandro Matias
    South Africa - G/B- Courtney Nicole and Daniel Christopher
    Iceland - B- Róbert Aron
    Australia - G/G/B- Zoe Isabelle, Emily Charlotte and Noah Jackson
    Wales - G/G/B- Ella Ruby, Megan Olivia and Riley Jacob

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