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    Do you know a Clementine?

    We're loving the name Clementine more and more but aren't keen on the nicknames Clem or Clemmie (especially since we have a son nnamed Lenny).
    Is it unreasonable to expect people to use her full name?
    Do you have a Clementine or know one? What nicknames does she get?

    PS I also quite like Florentine. Is it a legitimate name or do you just think of the biscuit?

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    I like the nn Emmy for a Clementine, I also dislike the nn Clem or Clemmy, reminds me of clammy. Yuck. I have never met a Clementine in real life however, but if the parents insisted she were Clementine, instead of a nn, I would call her Clementine, I love the name <3

    As for Florentine, Biscuit? I love Florentine too, as well as Flora, and Florence!

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    I know two Clementine's. One is in her 30's and works in the theatre industry. We call her Clem or Clementine, or the non related Babe for the most. The other one is about four, she goes by Clemmie. You can use adorable nickname Tiny though, Em or Emmy.

    Florentine makes me think of the Renaissance, the Florentine language and then the biscuit. Florentinus is name, so I don't see why Florentine can't be.
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    missusaytch Guest
    Florentine makes me think of food. I wouldn't recommend it.

    I know one young Clementine. She is about 12. Her first name is Hudson but she goes by her middle. She is often called Clem or Clemmy.

    The only other Clementine I "know" is the white trash deputy from an improv comedy mockumentary Tv show that used to be on Comedy Central here called Reno 911! She was a sort of trashy slutty blonde and they called her Clemmy. I doubt that influences many people's impressions of the name tho.

    Then there is the rainbow-headed Kate Winslet character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. :-)

    Other nicknames? Hmmm... That's tough. Maybe Tiny, like Ottilie suggested. I think Minty even works but it's a stretch. Odds are some will call her Clem or Clemmy at times.

    I love Clemetine tho! Lovely name! I doubt I'd use it with Lenny tho due to the nickname thing.

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    Yes. I know a publishing Clementine. It was 'clem-en-teen' though rather than the 'tyne' ending. She went by Clemmy.

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