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    On the one hand I understand why you'd be alarmed, but on the other... not really.

    This is strongly biased towards people who know you in real life, also finding out that you're "alzora" on a baby names website, not the other way around. The reason is that babies and young children do not have internet content created for them in any indexed fashion. Pulling a name wildly out of thin air, if you had a daughter called "Narnia Sapphire" [which I am sure you are not considering] your friends and family could ildly google "Narnia Sapphire" and see if any others exist. They would stumble on your alzora identity. But is that really so bad? It's hard to imagine what possible downside there could be, from a security perspective.

    Given that a young child has no other internet presence, it's unlikely that even a truly deranged berry who was hellbent on stalking you could ever find that "Narnia Sapphire" was really "Narnia S. Thompson," daughter of April and Henry Thompson of Privet Drive, Norman, Oklahoma. And show up at your front door.

    I have discussed my son's name extensively on this site. He's listed by his full name as my son on my facebook page. Yet when I google all three names, nothing comes up; Antoine Raphael alone leads to some admirable men (mostly Haitians) whose surname is Raphael. It's not as worrisome as you might think.

    Being googleable is actually extremely valuable. It will be highly, highly prized in the near future.
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    You know, I have posted my full name on this site and I don't really care. I understand why you might, though.

    I blog about a really controversial topic for a living. Anyone who is involved with the issue I blog about, from any perspective, more than likely knows my name. Please understand I am not horn-tooting, I'm just explaining. I have readers who are FB friends. I have gotten hate mail that would probably alarm most people - it used to alarm me - although the vast majority of my mail is positive.

    My point is I am all over Google. I am not hard to find. And in am extremely unpopular with a lot of people.

    Maybe it should worry me more but even my husband who is a little paranoid doesn't worry about it. Most Internet haters are all bark and no bite, and stick to sniveling behind a keyboard. On the off chance they decided to make it personal, I live in the South, where I am permitted to own personal protection items the sight of which would take the vinegar out of a bad guy's pee pee.

    I understand you wanting to protect your privacy and don't begrudge you that, and I've certainly learned in my brief time here to start paying more attention to the privacy of others. I'm just trying to give you my perspective as someone who is quite public, Internet-wise, and explain that it doesn't really affect me negatively.
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    You'd might want to use a "." When you post for example "N.arnia Marie S.mith" or something like that.
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    I've actually spent some time pondering whether being Googleable would be a good thing or a bad thing for a child (that is, for when the child is grown). As Blade said, perhaps it is valuable, and I probably won't change my name combos just to avoid it, but it almost seems like the child could love it or hate it depending on his personality, so is it fair to give him an entirely Googleable name in case he ends up valuing his privacy more than some people? My husband is a very private person, not in a rude way but in an introverted way. I don't imagine he would like it very much if his mom had named him Alabaster Pickle or some name that would only bring up HIS information in a Google search. I, on the other hand, don't care as much, though my maiden name was the most common surname in the country so I never had to worry, and really I still don't have to worry with my married name. But in this case, with potential children's names tracing back to Nameberry and to my user name, I find it more embarrassing than anything. In the situation I mentioned with the Narnia name combo bringing up snippets of a conversation I had with another user, those snippets, visible right on the Google search results page, included my dialogue explaining that the chosen middle name for Narnia is my nickname for my husband and is inscribed on my wedding band (it is just a shortened version of his real name); this had been stated succinctly enough to appear on the Google page. Of course anybody who knows me would know immediately upon seeing it that I was indeed the poster of that message, as that is what I openly call my husband, and if that name combo is what I have named my daughter, then they won't have to do any further digging to realize who "alzora" is. I guess I don't like the idea of people I know finding out that I'm a name fanatic on a baby name website? Not that I hide it, per se, but I don't talk much about it either. In most cases maybe people WOULDN'T be able to figure out who "alzora" is, but I guess I'm paranoid about it. I was once discovered on another forum by a friend--not a name forum, and nothing embarrassing, just another forum--and it felt like voyeurism. I hadn't even posted any unsafe, identifiable information, and this acquaintance had figured it out, which I found very awkward. Posting full unique name combos here may not compromise anyone's safety, but I guess I'm trying to avoid that awkwardness of being traced here and "spied on" by people I know.

    EDIT: I'll add that I do write for a community newspaper, and my name has been posted in many other ways throughout the community and even online, so I really don't have a problem with publicizing who I am. But Nameberry is different. We enter these forums with a sense of privacy, and we can openly and honestly share our opinions, ideas, and even TTC problems and concerns or other private matters, without worrying that our "real life" friends and family will be peeking in. Maybe I don't care so much that my future children's names can be traced to my REAL name as their mother (though again, will THEY like to be traceable?), but I don't want their names leading my friends and family to "alzora" and, say, my posts in the TTC thread.
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    I've been thinking about this as well... if people google what I (intend to) call my child, they'll come straight to nameberry and see my conversations... I doubt anyone I know will bother doing that, but still. Anyway, I totally understand your concern, especially as you want to use a more unique name. If I were to call my baby Hugo or Sophie I wouldn't worry as much.
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