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    I am totally and completely in love with the name Nova for a girl, but I am still interested in my fellow berries opinions. After just watching the movie PROM I am one-hundred percent swoon over it! So, what do you think? is it too popular? Do you automatically think of outer space when you hear this name like i used to(and think that the possibly siblings are luna and stella)? Can you picture the name aging well? What type of girl do you picture with a name like Nova?
    I picture a spunky brunette with a mad sence of style and a cute fluttery personality.

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    I like Nova a lot, and also discovered it after watching PROM. I don't automatically think of outer space, but when paired with Luna and Stella my mind definitely goes in that direction. I think it would age well - it's simple enough to be timeless, but unique enough to be memorable.
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    I know a cute little girl named Nova. I think it'd be a great name!
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    I like the name.
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