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    Help-4 days till baby!!

    There are now just a measly 48 hours until our first child, a son, joins the world. Hubby and I haven't been able to compromise on a name and now we are desperate! We're pretty much down to 3 of our favorites from our (finally) finished list, with help from you berries . They are:


    Which one is best? Last name is Sparks, in case you're wondering. And any middle name suggestions?

    Thanks so much, you're all lifesavers!

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    My favourite is Emerson. Could be: Emerson James, Emerson Jude, Emerson Loki, Emerson Richard, Emerson George, Emerson Isaac, Emerson Oliver, Emerson Finn? I like Peregrine as a quirky middle name so you could always go for Emerson Peregrine - I know fluidity isn't exactly there, but how foten will you call him by both names anyway? Sorry but Auden doesn't appeal to me. Good luck!
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    Peregrine Sparks sounds amazing
    I like that the P is in both names, Auden and Emerson both sound a little bland next to Sparks. Peregrine holds his own ^^
    A middle name with two syllables sounds best:
    Peregrine Arthur Sparks
    Peregrine Ivo Sparks
    Peregrine Edward Sparks
    Peregrine Henry Sparks
    Peregrine Sayer Sparks
    Peregrine Monroe/Munro Sparks
    Peregrine Willem Sparks
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    My least favorite is Emerson, even if you were naming the baby after the writer it sounds so bland and trendy.

    Auden is striking but Auden himself was a fairly horrible person.

    I love Peregrine, especially with a cool last name like Sparks. It's lengthy, ornate and formal. It's strikingly uncommon. It conjures up pilgrims, falcons, wanderers and Tolkien.

    If you use it, I think a pared-down middle is best. It would make Peregrine look less quirky. Any family names up for consideration? A 2-syllable name would be best between Peregrine & Sparks.
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    Auden - I love this name but I can only picture it on a girl for some reason

    Emerson - it's cute but I like it on a girl better. It is my favorite out of all of your choices

    Peregrine - I do not like this one

    Emerson Jacoby Sparks
    Emerson Alistair Sparks
    Emerson Malachi Sparks
    Emerson Mateo Sparks
    Emerson Luka Sparks (my favorite)

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