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    Just found the name Lovell which means dearly loved. My grandmothers name was Luella. So many great nicknames, Elle, love, Lou. Lulu. And it has double letters. What do you think

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    Luella is adorable! I am quite fond of it.

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    I like Lovell. It's interesting, somewhat quirky, but still formal enough to serve your daughter well later in life.

    I don't really like the smoosh name Markay. Is one grandmother Kay, and the other Mary/Maria/Marlene, etc? What do you think of:

    Marika [cute Slavic form of Mary]
    Marieke [the Dutch form of Marika, 'little Mary']
    Mariska [like Mariska Hargitay, the Hungarian form of Marika]
    Makeda [the supposed name of the mythical Queen of Sheba]
    Malak ["angel" in Arabic]
    Malika ['queen' in Arabic]
    Mariko ["truth child" in Japanese]
    Masako ['proper child' in Japanese; current Princess of Japan]

    I think Lovell + any of these sound great, as they have lots of vowels to balance Lovell. Lovell Marika?
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