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    Rocco Makai / Cannon Sohl

    Girl names: used to love PortiaLoved Honor Elodie, Lyric, Lux, Pillar, Mercy and Lennox I love, Cozette, Nikita, Isla

    If its a girl I would like to use the middle name Markay, combination of our mothers names Lu.

    The double letters jumped out at me too...Jett, Navarre, Apollo, Boone, Garrick, Merrick, Dallas (for either), Fallon, Pepper, Vienna, Farrin/Ferryn, Trellis

    If you think Portia is getting to popular, then Elodie, Knox, or Isla may not be it either. All catching on. Hugo takes away from Rocco so both lose some of their distinctiveness. Same with Cozette and Cannon.
    Girls- I like Lux Markay or Nikita Lu from your list. For boys, Major is a GREAT fit.

    Rocco Makai, Cannon Sohl and

    Archer, Dax, Memphis (either), Fife, Lev, Hart, Frayne

    Cricket, Liberty, Merit, Fifer, Greer, Valley

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    I really like Bridger and Hugo. Mercy is lovely but I understand not wanting the celebrity connection. I know an Honorlyn who goes by Honor and that has never been a teasing issue. Also Elodie, Pillar (though I only like this for a mn) and Cozette are beautiful.
    Mama of two beautiful boys!

    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.
    Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;
    ~Psalm 127:4-5a

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    Wow, love all the suggestions. So funny that I never realized that we had double letters in our boys names. And then Lennox would be perfect for another reason. If only I hadn't heard that a relative wants to use this name. Although she is not pregnant.
    I agree that Hugo is out, want to have a different ending sound from the siblings.

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    If Mercy is out, what about Merry? Merry Lu is cute and has double letters.
    Lennox does seem perfect with your boys names.
    Good luck choosing. Number 3 was a difficult choice for us too

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