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    Sibling to Rocco and Cannon

    So excited to hear what input you have for our third child. We get so many compliments on our sons names that the pressure to deliver on our third is almost too much. Our last name is Sand which complicates things because I do love word names but many do not work, Storm Sand, Coral Sand.

    We do not know if we are having a boy or a girl. Our oldest sons name is Rocco Makai, second son is Cannon Sohl. (We added the h to sol. Didn't want to send him to therapy with S-O-L for a middle name).
    Names I like for boys but not completely in love with:
    Bridger, Oakley, Major, Hugo, Knox, Ledger.

    Girl names: used to love Portia, too popular now, Loved Honor but then heard the "did you get On Her", Elodie, Lyric, Lux, Pillar, Mercy (except Madonna has a son Rocco and daughter Mercy and a girlfriend I have wants this name too), and Lennox I love, but a relative told me they want to use this name. Hate to cause drama. Cozette, Nikita, Isla

    If its a girl I would like to use the middle name Markay, combination of our mothers names or I like the name Lu. If the name starts with a P we can't use Markay because the initials would be pms.
    Baby is due July 24th. Both of our boys were preemies in the NICU. Praying to make it to July.
    Much thanks for any input!

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