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    Harper and Aria?

    I have been posting recently about wether or not to use Harper. Since before i was pregnant i was dreaming about hopefully using it for a little girl, then when i was 10 weeks along at an appointment we discovered there were two heartbeats. After that i struggled to find twin combo to work with Harper (boy or girl).

    I got some great advice yesterday about just picking names that we both love. Not be so obsessed about this idea of twins names/combos.

    So just give it to me straight/vote on the poll. Could Harper and Aria be twin sisters?

    The only thing i dislike slightly is that Harper is 6 letters long and Aria 4 letters. But after giving it a lot of thought since the advice i received, i think i need to let some of my over thinking go, its a pregnancy thing for me, i tend to over think everything!
    I can tolerate the double ar sound though. and husband doesn't care about either of those things!

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    I think that that would work fine. Both Aria and Harper are beautiful names, and they sound great together! The only down-side that I can see between the two names is that they are of slightly different. (At least in my opinion, aris is the tough rebel, and Harper is a flowery social-butterfly.) But I still think that they totally work for siblings! (and kind of the same for Harper as a boy...Just not flowery) Hope this helped!
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    Yes, I think they are great. It's true that stylistically they're a bit different, but the thing that leapt out at me was the musical connection-- a harper is someone who plays the harp, and an aria is a kind of musical composition. They're very pretty together.

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    LOL, you must not be a musician!
    Most non-music people wouldn't catch it because they are subtle but Harper & Aria are a perfect pair

    An aria is a melody sang solo. Habanera and La donna è mobile are probably the most well-known arias
    And of course a harper is a person who plays the harp

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    I voted for "Yes, it's fine" but what I really wanted to vote for was "YES YES YES!! These names are gorgeous together!!!"

    I feel you on the overthinking it thing -- I did the same thing. I absolutely LOVE these names together. And I actually like that they share the "ar" sound -- it feels like the perfect and subtle tie together that some people think twins names need. I really hope these names stick for you because I would just feel so happy knowing there are little twin girls out there names Harper and Aria. Simply beautiful.

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