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    Cair Paravel :)
    Caleb - I love it. It's my top choice for a boy, I think it's so charming and timeless and adorable. I love meeting little Calebs.
    Connor - As much as I love Caleb, that's how much I hate Connor, sorry. I knew one that completely ruined it for me, so I can't see Connor the same way.
    Corbin - eh. It's okay, but it doesn't strike me as amazing or anything. It does sound smart and put together, though, and I like the option of Ben as a nn. I imagine a really great guy with the name Corbin, I think it's very handsome, but it doesn't strike me enough to make me want to add it to my own list.
    Dante - eh. It's been growing on me, but it's a pretty downmarket name in my area. I see it misspelled more often than not (Dontay, Dontae, Donte, Dantay, etc.). I think the literary connection is lovely, though.
    Enzo - I like it a lot. A family friend is Vincenzo, nn Enzo... it's so quirky and cool. I personally like Lorenzo nn Enzo more, but Vincenzo (or just Enzo) is pretty cool, too.
    Grayson - LOVE it. It honors my grandma, so I'm biased in favor of it, but I just love hearing it in general. I love the nn Gray, too, 50 Shades aside. :/
    Griffin - eh. It seems like the kind of name I should like, but I just don't. I even knew a pretty cool Griffin in elementary school, but it's just never impressed me.
    Ian - I've heard so many times how dated it is in the UK that I'm starting to go a bit batty and believe it's dated here, too (which it's absolutely not!). It's such a handsome name. I like the idea of an -ian name with the nn Ian (like Damian, Sebastian, Florian, Finnian, Aurelian, Valerian, etc.), but just Ian is very handsome. I have Ian on my list as a MN (Avery Ian George).
    Kevin - eh, this one is really dated for me. It's nice enough, I just wouldn't use it myself.
    Lee - I like something like Levi or Leo/Leopold or even Liam nn Lee. Lee just seems sort of boring on its own to me.
    Leo - love. I probably wouldn't use it on its own, even though it can stand on its own. I love Leander and Leopold as ways to get to Leo. Elliot, too.
    Levi - I like Leo/Leopold much more, but Levi has been growing on me again. I used to adore it.
    Marco - I like it. It seems much fresher than Mark or Marcus. I still like Marcus very much, but I would be delighted to meet a little Marco, it's very cute.
    Preston - eh, it's always seemed sorta trendy to me (and it always reminds me of Presley for some reason! Maybe that's why...), but it is a nice enough name.
    Rhett - I like it, but I prefer Everett, which I adore.
    Rocco - it's a pretty cool Italian name, imo. I would love meeting a little Rocco. I can't imagine using it myself, though.
    Ronan - I like it more than Roman, but less than Rowan.
    Travis - eh, too dated and cowboyish for me, but it is a nice name. About five years ago I loved it.
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    This is a mix of opinions, associations, and the personalities I picture. Forgive me if some of my comments seem a little harsh, I've been off my coffee all week!

    Caleb - strong, with a quiet, understated reliability. No epic stories sung of his mighty deeds, his is a more unassuming heroism.
    Connor - here are the epic stories of mighty deeds...Connor is unabashedly strong, a superman type, always needing to be where the action is.
    Corbin - Dallas. very nineties sci-fi, with the Fifth Element's bulky guns, the infamous multipass, and Bruce Willis in an orange mesh A-shirt.
    Dante - it is impossible for me to give an unbiased opinion of this name, as it belongs to my abusive ex.
    Enzo - not a best it's Lorenzo without the Lor, at worst it's a puppet mashup between Sesame Street's Elmo and Gonzo from the Muppets.
    Grayson - I prefer Grey. "Son of the gray haired" has nothing to give.
    Griffin - A lion-hearted, eagle-eyed warrior, tawny and fierce, wild and gentle and strong. Love it.
    Ian - Seems like it's missing something, or like it's a nickname for one of the longer -ian names like Sebastian or Damian or Fabian or Lucian.
    Kevin - I'm partial to this, as it's my hubby's name It's meaning "kind, gentle, and handsome" totally fits him. That being said, it is more of a name for our generation rather than our children's would be kind of like finding a Gerald or a Vera amidst the Davids and Karens of our parents' circles.
    Lee - Not a fan at all. Nicknames, filler names, middle names, surnames...this one has been run so far into the ground that all we need to do is erect a tombstone and call it good.
    Leo - Not my personal style, but this is a great name. Leo is magnanimous and noble, all shining golden warmth.
    Levi - aside from the clothing brand (which in the South is synonymous with denim. You don't put on your jeans, you put on your Levis, whether they're made by Old Navy or Gucci), Levi is a great option. He has sort of a rugged spunk, all cowboy flannel and deep blue eyes, friendly deference, and helping hands.
    Marco - Polo. Sorry! It's inevitable...I know the name is supposed to be associated with the god Mars, but all I get is the famous explorer and blind games of tag in the swimming pool.
    Preston - a very haughty, upper-crust, pinky-finger-extended sort of a name. Probably a combination of the audible similarity to the word "prissy" and the posh-surnames-as-first-names trend that is associated with the old money sort, or those who would like to be perceived as such.
    Rhett - Butler...I've never understood why Gone with the Wind was able to romanticize this name. He was a colossal jerk with a weird mustache. He and Scarlett utterly deserved each other, the selfish creatures.
    Rocco - stucco, or Rocky Balboa...neither is a very flattering association.
    Ronan - I have a growing soft spot for this has so much history and I love the meaning. I see a young man with rich dark hair and eyes like the ocean. Given the similarity to popular names such as Roman and Rowan, this name will be accepted easily into the modern world, but still retains its aura of mystery.
    Travis - one of those great under-the-radar familiar names. Not too common, not too unusual, and it has a lovely meaning: "crossroads"

    As you can see, I like Caleb, Connor, Griffin, Leo, Levi, Ronan, and Travis. I enjoy Corbin and Kevin, but I'm not sure they're right for a baby of today. Griffin, Leo, and Ronan are by far my favorites. Good luck narrowing the list!!
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    I actually like your list in general.
    My favorites are
    Mama of two beautiful boys!

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    i like Grayson and Leo

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    Corbin-I like the nickname Cory
    Dante-reminds me of The Divine Comedy
    Enzo-maybe Lorenzo with nn Enzo
    Grayson-Like it but too trendy maybe
    Griffin-like it
    Kevin-I like the meaning
    Marco-I like
    Rocco-nice but

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