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    I love Milo or Miles. I like your husband am a fan of Celtic boys names... Oscar seems to marry your styles perfectly in that its Celtic and Vintage! How about Otto? Phoenix? Evan nn Van, Atlas, Tristan, Roscoe? I Like suggestions of Archer nn Archie or Quincy!

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    I love was vetoed! Also like archer (Archie) and Otto...vetoed as well. I'm now looking into Soren and Leo (perhaps Leopold). Like Gavin, will Leo be too common in the near future? Wdyt?

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    [QUOTE=blade;1777523]With a daughter named Finley a son's name needs to be strongly masculine in order to gender-differentiate.

    I don't think Enzo, charming as it is, meets your criteria. It's a nickname in Italy along the lines of Johnny or Tad. Felix and Finley are a little too close, and Theodore is unobjectionable but a little staid next to sprightly Finley.

    I appreciate your suggestions. Initially I also assumed we need a strong masculine name to distinguish the gender since finley is a gender-bender. However, I've heard conflicting advice, including from the authors of this site. Also, I wonder if there's any logic to making sure it's masculine...why would one be somewhat masculine/a little more feminine and the sibling be obviously masculine? I don't know if I'm making sense here, but I'm saying I've gotten over that idea already.
    As for Enzo...there are many nn based on traditional names being used, particularly in England. Enzo is used and listed on its own these days but I do like Lorenzo. Perhaps Lorenzo doesn't fit well with finley...I think Enzo does.
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    There is a phenomenon in psychology called confirmation bias. Basically, humans like to fill in patterns, as we all rely on making predictions in order to live and act in the world. Applying this to names-- when you are exposed to a particular name, your 'predictions' for subsequent names are strongly colored by the first one, unconsciously.

    I meet an adorable little girl named Finley, and she talks about her sibling Rowan. I will unconsciously assume Rowan is also a girl given that I have a data point right in front of me. The inverse is true-- I meet a little boy named Rowan, who speaks of sibling Finley. I will assume Finley is a boy. However, I can't make predictions with the same degree of accuracy if I meet a little boy named Maximus who speaks of sibling Finley, as they are sufficiently different to leave a degree of doubt and guesswork. Likewise if you had a son named Finley and I met a sister called Liliana, I wouldn't be able to make assumptions about Rowan's gender. In fact, I would be more prone to assume they're opposite-gender siblings since Finley is so obviously discordant with either Liliana or Maximus.

    Quote Originally Posted by natalielittleroman
    As for Enzo...there are many nn based on traditional names being used, particularly in England. Enzo is used and listed on its own these days but I do like Lorenzo. Perhaps Lorenzo doesn't fit well with finley...I think Enzo does.
    To be sure, to be sure. But in your first post you stated you wanted "quirky, charming names that will stand the test of time." I don't think Alfie, Harry or Enzo necessarily fit those criteria. Your other suggested names are not very much like Enzo. But if you love it, and you're defending it, that's a good sign that it might be the one.
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    I think since your daughter has a somewhat unisex first name your son needs a really masculine name. I like Grant a lot and since you have a four syllable surname I'm wondering why you think it's too short?

    I see that you're not able to love Declan. I agree Gavin is too popular, and next to Finley it's a little dull. Lorenzo nn Enzo is tired to me. I like Theodore, and I love Teddy!

    Here are some more suggestions. Please forgive any repeats:


    I'm not a fan of Milo. It's ok for a little boy or a pet but it doesn't work on a grown man. I can't imagine a President Milo. Miles is much better.
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