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    Sibling Names for Ian Jameson

    My Sons name is Ian Jameson and My husband and I can't decide on any names that go with Ian, boy or girl.
    We have lists of names that we like but all of them seem to be rising to the top of the name charts right now.

    We like names that are easy breezy, simple, but elegant and also that are not too popular. Also it's hard because our last name is one Syllable (sounds like Haig) Middle name if boy will also be Jameson. Girls middle name will be Jean.

    Any suggestions of names I haven't thought of would be great!

    Here are some of our likes.

    Girls-Nora, Lucy, Cecilia, Remy, Susannah, Alice, Sybil, Laura

    Boys-Remy, William, Alden, Joel, Tim, Andrew

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