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    Unhappy My favourite names get so much negative feedback?

    Two of my favourite names, Thorfinn (boy) and Garnet (girl) get sooo much negative feedback and I don't understand why and I find it quite upsetting - I love them too much to let go but I don't want my kid to have a rubbish name!

    Thorfinn is a very common name on the Scottish island of Orkney, where my fiance is from, and it is a traditional name in his family, and we really want to use it.

    However, we won't be raising our kids in Orkney, we'll be raising them in Edinburgh or Lancashire. I post quite a bit on the Baby Names section on yahoo answers, and almost EVERYONE completely destroys this name, they say it's made up, "unprofessional" and just generally awful and ugly.

    How can anyone deny that "Thorfinn, son of Magnus" is nothing but incredible?

    And with Garnet.... it's really not much different from Charlotte and Scarlett, but these are already taken in the family, and Ruby is too common - I don't understand why it gets so much hate!

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    Thorfinn- I understand that it's common where your fiance is from, but it just doesn't work in lots of other places. It does sound like it's made-up and is just Thor and Finn smushed together. I think it would be better recieved if you were to maybe name a daughter Thora Finley or a son Thor Finley.

    Garnet- I do agree with what you said about this name. However, it has a more masculine sound than all the other names you mentioned. Maybe Amoret? It's uncommon and has a similar structure as Garnet, but is feminine, literary and will probably be better recieved.
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    Garnet is one of my guilty pleasure names for a girl. I think it is fabulous and completely usable.

    Thorfinn is a name I am unfamiliar with, so I will base my response on what you've said about the name. I think it is totally usable for your future son, given your personal connections and love of the name. Go for it! Thorfinn, son of Magnus is a pretty powerful punch!
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    Thorfinn is very common in Norway, and I see it very much as an old man's name. Could you do Thor Finn instead? If not, let people think what they think, if he's growing up in Lancashire there are going to be some pretty horribly named kids around. Ok, anywhere in England and Scotland, lots of horrible names going around. So Thorfinn doesn't sound like Harry and Alfie, it's still a name.

    Garnet is beautiful. I don't find it masculine at all.

    Also, I don't know if I would trust yahoo.
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    I'm not too sure about the name Thorfinn, but as raqkel had said, you could always name your son Thor with the middle name Finley. But, I happen to like the name Thorfinn (though it first made me think of dorsilfin). But, if you were to name him that i suggest using the nickname Thor or Finn, and only call him Thorfinn when he is at home possibly.
    As for the name Garnet for a girl, I apsolutly think that it could work for a girl! It is definatly spunky, and unique (which is definatly an added plus). As for nicknames...ah, that's another story. But as for all of the megative feedback, i think that you and your fiance should make the decition despite others negative input. Good Luck!

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