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    Unhappy My favourite names get so much negative feedback?

    Two of my favourite names, Thorfinn (boy) and Garnet (girl) get sooo much negative feedback and I don't understand why and I find it quite upsetting - I love them too much to let go but I don't want my kid to have a rubbish name!

    Thorfinn is a very common name on the Scottish island of Orkney, where my fiance is from, and it is a traditional name in his family, and we really want to use it.

    However, we won't be raising our kids in Orkney, we'll be raising them in Edinburgh or Lancashire. I post quite a bit on the Baby Names section on yahoo answers, and almost EVERYONE completely destroys this name, they say it's made up, "unprofessional" and just generally awful and ugly.

    How can anyone deny that "Thorfinn, son of Magnus" is nothing but incredible?

    And with Garnet.... it's really not much different from Charlotte and Scarlett, but these are already taken in the family, and Ruby is too common - I don't understand why it gets so much hate!

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