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    If you like Thorfinn and it has special meaning for you and your family, totally go for it! You can always call him Finn for short if you want to, which everyone is familiar with at this point. I think it's cool.

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    my grandma's family are from Orkney and i think Thorfinn is cool :P ....after Thorfinn Hausakljufr i assume also he can go with either part as a nickname :P

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    I'm with everyone else here - don't take to heart what they say on Yahoo. They're trolls, the lot of them, looking to rip anything apart. Seriously, I used to poke around there - then I stopped. Things were getting too mean, for my taste.

    Anyways, I say go for it with Thorfinn. It has a strength to it that I like (probably from Thor), and if it has meaning to you, go for it. It's a pretty cool name.

    As for Garnet -not really my preference, but again, if you like it, go with it. It sounds more feminine to me, personally, and I think it could work.

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    I love, love Thorfinn and wish I had discovered it when I was looking for a longer name for my Finn. I would use it in a minute. You can shorten it to Finn for a more mainstream nn or use Thor or Tor if you want a more unique one. Torfinn is also a variant as in Norway they don't really use Thor any more but Tor/Tore. Torin is an Irish name that has a similar sound and feel. but I really love Thorfinn. And Thorfinn, son of Magnus does rock.

    Garnet I like, but feels a bit awkward. I recently came across the name in the school where I'm signing up my son for next year. I really liked seeing it, but not sure if I would use it. It doesn't have an immediate wearable nn that I can think of. And it feels a bit harsh to me.

    If you and your OH really love them, use them. good luck.
    Mum to Mousie, Foo, Bumptious and Pudding.

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    Try not to let it get to you. Everyone has their own opinion. There are some names people adore that I sit and wonder "am I really the only person who despises that name?" There are some names that should have died out decades, if not centuries, ago and so many want to bring them back.

    For what it's worth, I really like Garnet.

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