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    I like Garnet. I think it is different but nice. I agree with catheyc about Thorfinn. I think family names are important and trump what others say. Plus, Finn and Thor are awesome nicknames!!
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    People on yahoo answers are always nasty and unfiltered. You names are fine! I especially like your girl name.
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    I honestly wouldn't put stock in yahoo at all, lol. I've never posted there, or even joined, but I hear such negative reactions to being on there, it seems like they rip everyone's names apart, no matter what the style. Garnet I actually really love. I found it to be too gem-like for the longest time, but lately I've really grown to adore it and picture the sweetest little girl. I would go with a more classic MN, though, since it's a bit on the unusual side.

    Thorfinn--it's not my cup of tea, personally, but I can appreciate its meaning to you and your husband. But it's certainly not made-up. And he could easily go by Thor or Finn if he wants something a bit more accessible. If people ask about it, I would just say, "Oh, it's a family name." I remember commenting that I loved this one lady's son's name when I saw her at my workplace, and she just said offhandedly, "Thanks, it's a family name." Nobody can fault you if it's a family name! It's such a noble thing to do. I can imagine if I ever use Avery for a boy, I might get some flack for it, too, because it's such a popular girls' name, but it's a big name in my family tree, so I'll probably say the same thing.

    Good luck!
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    While I'm not a fan of Garnet, the name is not going to harm or embarrass your child. I say if you love it, go for it! One of the joys of parenting is choosing a name with meaning that you love. We named my daughter Julia even though most of our family and friends hated the name. Now that Julia is here we don't get criticized for our choice-people just love the child regardless of the name.

    On the other hand, I could see Thorfin causing some teasing at school. For that reason alone, you might think about going with Thor instead. Thor is a strong name and perhaps Finn could be a middle name?

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    I can see why Thorfinn gets such a negative reaction, sorry. I do love the name Thor, that would be a good alternative or nn. I don't see why Garnet would receive a similar reaction. It's very pretty though definitely very unusual. I'm American so I have no idea what kind of names are common in England (Lancashire is a place in England isn't it?).

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