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    I know a very nice woman named Garnet. I like it. It's a lovely stone and a lovely name.
    I'm not familiar with Thorfinn, but it does sound a bit like endorphin to me. It's not the worst name I've ever heard though. It's just unusual. If he ends up not liking it, he has two perfectly good nickname options in Thor and Finn. If you and your husband like it, go for it. Your family will come around and who cares what strangers on the internet have to say? (Well, except for us, anyway)
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    Although Thorfinn might be common where your fiance is from, if your child won't be raised in Orkney it may work better as middle name. I'm not familiar with it, so to me it sounds like a name an aspiring writer came up with for their Lord of the Rings-style fantasy series they're working on. I do like Finn, but combined with Thor it's a very 'big' name for a person to carry in a place it's not common. I like Magnus a lot, though- there is a baby Magnus in our playgroup and I think it's adorable!

    As for Garnet, I have known two men with this name and haven't heard of it being used on girls so I would assume it was a man if I saw the name on paper. I do think it is more usable than Thorfinn though (not saying Thorfinn isn't usable).
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    I'd bet you'd get a lot of support for Garnet on here. It seems like a name most berries would go crazy for. It's not my style, but I don't see any difference per se between it and Ruby or Pearl. It also has the similar sound to the names you mentioned, so it seems totally usable. I like the possible nn of Nettie, which is super cute.

    Thorfinn I'm not at all familiar with, but if -- as you said -- it is a family name in your husband's family, who cares what other people say? It's not like you're making it up, so it's not a "rubbish name" (i love that phrase!). I think you'll just need to decide if you have a thick enough skin for it because you'll probably get comments. I find it hard it hard to believe that NO ONE over there has heard of it, even if it's not from their particular area. And besides, it gives you the super sought-after nn possibility of Finn and also the option of Thor -- what little boy wouldn't want to be called Thor!!?!

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    I really don't know anything about Thorfinn, but I love Garnet for a girl it is beautiful.

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    I think the reason why Thorfinn probably gets a lot of hate is because its not a name that most people of heard of. It may be very common where your fiance is from, but its not a name that many people (outside of there) would be familiar with. I admit, I hadn't even heard of it, until 5 min ago when I read your post. It's not exactly my style...but if you like it, then use it.

    While Garnet is a lot more isn't my cup of tea of either. Although its a jewel doesn't strike me as feminine. I personally just prefer really feminine sounding names. Again, if you like it....then use it.

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