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    Lightbulb Names for a very specific naming style...

    We are officially TTC #2, and are thinking about names. Well, actually, I never stopped thinking about names, but now it seems more real

    We have a pretty specific naming style, and hope that you brilliant Berries are up for the challenge.

    Our DD is Vivienne Grey.

    First Name:
    must be a feminine name
    vintage/quirky/french names a plus, but not required
    three syllables preferred, but two is okay
    the letter 'n' in the name is a plus, as all three of us have 'n's in the last syllable of our names
    prefer a unique ending (not 'a' or 'ie/y') but not required
    not crazy about "rhyming" names with Vivienne, i.e. Lillian, Evelyn, Lucienne, Marianne, etc.
    a short spunky nn (like Viv) is important to my husband, so its a plus, but not required

    Middle Name
    must be one syllable
    must be a 'word' name
    unisex or even masculine names preferred

    Some of our thoughts are:
    Fiona Drew
    Daphne June/Jude
    Bianca West

    Thank you!!!
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