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    I have been so uncertain about my boy names for the last few weeks, but we finally decided on our top five, so now I can start making combos! I'm so emotional and hormonal, I don't trust myself at the moment, and boyfriend doesn't care about flow in a name or how they sound together, so I desperately need help!

    First name up is Faramond. It means journey protection and he was the first king of the France. I've been thinking of names like Hector (to all Americans: this is not a Hispanic name over here, it's considered quite chic and cool), Wayland, Perseus, Percival, Emrys/Ambrose, Lohengrin, Alaric, Tiberius and Westfall.
    I work better from a perspective of imagery, and what I picture are ancient forests with beautiful trees, traveling roads, horses, the smell of leather, coffee, whiskey and roses, hawks and falcons, leather gloves and velvet capes lined with fur (sorry, this seems awfully random and cheesy).

    Any name suggestions/combo suggestions would be most welcome! Thank you!

    edit: We're doing two middles.
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